You accept that by accessing any reports (the 'Reports') submitted to, considered by, generated by (including but not limited to draft documents), the Joint Flood Taskforce, you agree to the following disclaimer:

  1. The Reports do not represent the highest probable flood level that could occur on a property. Brisbane records are not old enough to provide conclusions that are beyond reasonable doubt. Floods levels for a property higher than what is considered probable, are possible, and their likelihood incalculable.
  2. A property may be affected by several sources of flooding (e.g. Brisbane River, creek, waterway or storm tide). Council provides flood information on the highest known source. There are too many variables constantly in flux to provide legal certainty (e.g. river depth causing volumetric variations in flow rate and overland spill, and possible variations of Brisbane river, creek, waterway and storm tide combinations).
  3. Flooding may result from other sources including waterway tributaries and Localised Overland Flow / local runoff. Stormwater pipes on properties may contribute to flooding.
  4. Defined Flood Levels in Reports have been determined from the information available to Council at the date of issue. The Defined Flood Level for a particular property may change if more detailed information becomes available, or changes are made in the method of calculating flood levels. Changes in the condition of local creeks and waterways may further alter the effects of flooding.
  5. The Reports considered by the Joint Flood Taskforce are used as guides for the Joint Flood Taskforce only and must not be used or relied upon for development purposes, or to suppose any interim flood standard.
  6. For the reasons set out above, Council makes no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy or completeness of the Reports. Council disclaims any responsibility, liability or omission, arising in connection with or in relation to the use or reliance by any person on any of the Reports.
Last updated: 9 May 2019