How Eat Safe Brisbane works

Brisbane City Council has conducted regular food safety audits of food businesses for many years, however results of food safety audits have not been publicly available.

As part of Eat Safe Brisbane, every licensed food business in Brisbane receives a food safety star rating, based on compliance with the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards. Food safety audits are mandatory for all licensed food businesses in Brisbane.

A food business can receive either no star, two, three, four or five stars. Businesses that demonstrate high levels of food safety will receive three or more stars and can choose to display their food safety star rating onsite and online.

Benefits of the scheme

Eat Safe Brisbane benefits the community, food businesses and Council by:

  • improving food safety standards and reducing incidences of food borne illness
  • increasing food safety awareness in the community to assist people in making informed food and dining choices
  • reducing the regulatory burden by rewarding businesses that demonstrate high levels of food safety and hygiene
  • allowing Council to use resources effectively by working closely with poor performing businesses to improve their food safety standards
  • maintaining Brisbane’s world class food safety standards

Eat Safe Brisbane contributes to achieving aspirations and targets in the Brisbane Vision.

Last updated:7 May 2019