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1. Pedestrian mobility and transport

1.1 Walking, wheeling and driving safely around Brisbane

1.2 Catching public transport

2. Planning, development and infrastructure

2.1 Being actively engaged in planning an accessible city

2.2 Enjoying a well-designed built environment

2.3 Appreciating the benefits of civic infrastructure

3. Public buildings, venues and outdoor spaces

3.1 Public buildings that make you feel welcome

3.2 People friendly public spaces

3.3 Local meeting places where you can connect with your community

3.4 Parks and natural areas where you enjoy the great outdoors

4.Vibrant, informed and caring communities

4.1 Experiencing the support of inclusive, safe and diverse communities

4.2 Enjoying Brisbane's vibrant arts and culture scene

4.3 Staying active and healthy

4.4 Using libraries for lifelong learning

4.5 Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle

5. Your Council, working with you

5.1 Being an active citizen in an inclusive democracy

5.2 Having a say on the work we do that matters to you

5.3 Communicating and doing business with us

5.4 Understanding how local laws, rules and procedures relate to you

5.5 Keeping Brisbane clean, recycling waste and breathing clean air

5.6 Working in a disability confident organisation

5.7 Knowing your rates are paying for accessible services

Brisbane is an active and healthy city and Council provides facilities and programs that support a wide range of sport, leisure and recreational activities.

Our Active and Healthy programs offer a wide variety of recreational activities in locations across the city through the Gone Walking, Active Parks, Chill Out, Real Adventure Women, and Growing Older and Living Dangerously programs. In these programs, participants experience new activities (such as canoeing, abseiling, water aerobics, orienteering, martial arts, tai chi and archery).

We also manage some significant public health programs that protect Brisbane's residents including:

  • maintaining food safety standards and licensing food premises through the Eat Safe Brisbane scheme
  • pest, rodent and mosquito control
  • responding to complaints about dangerous and nuisance animals
  • immunisation services for infants, children, seniors and adolescents in partnership with Queensland and Commonwealth governments

Council also has a clear role to play in the promotion of physical and mental health and wellbeing among Brisbane's residents through the provision of facilities and coordination of community programs. By partnering at the local level with a range of programs funded by Queensland and Commonwealth governments, Council enhances health outcomes for the people of Brisbane, in particular those who have a disability.

Apart from these programs, local government has a limited role in health. The Queensland and Commonwealth governments are responsible for hospitals, community health centres, medical services, mental health services, dental services, nursing homes, rehabilitation services, home and community care services, respite and home nursing services, home modifications and health-related transport services.

Where we are

Council's public health programs are important for everyone but especially for people with a disability who are more likely to have difficulties with their physical and mental health than Australians without a disability. [19]

Our immunisation and pest control programs prevent diseases that can result in short and long-term experiences of impairment. For example, in 2009, Brisbane had 29.1 cases of debilitating, mosquito-born Ross River Fever per 100,000 head of population, well below the South East Queensland rate of 40.9.

Council's response to complaints about dangerous and nuisance animals benefits everyone. It is not common for people to encounter stray animals in streets, parks and public places, testimony to the effectiveness of Council's animal control services including registration and impounding.

Many of the activities in our Active and Healthy program calendar are suitable for people of different levels of ability and are indicated as such in program promotional materials. Some have been specifically designed for inclusion and
some are facilitated by instructors who have a disability. We recognise that with careful choice of venues, facilitators and design of activities, more of these activities could be accessible and inclusive.

Council's Community Grants program provides funding to local non-profit community groups to promote active and healthy lifestyles. A recent recipient with an access and inclusion focus was the Kidney Support Network's project to provide information and peer support for people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds who have or are at risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

Where we want to be

We want all Brisbane residents to have an active and healthy lifestyle, supported in their choice of physical activity, play or sport, and appreciating the value of good health and wellbeing.

Our objectives

  1. Provide opportunities for everyone to participate in our Active and Healthy programs and increase awareness of these opportunities among Brisbane residents and visitors.
  2. Minimise the incidence of debilitating illness and disease.
  3. Keep the streets safe from dangerous and nuisance animals.

Existing actions that will continue

Accessible immunisation programs

We will continue to provide free immunisations through a mobile team visiting accessible venues to protect our infants, children, young people and seniors.

Mosquito and pest control

We will continue to minimise the incidence of debilitating illness through effective mosquito and pest control programs.

Animal control services

We will continue to keep the streets safe from dangerous and nuisance animals.

New initiatives or extensions

  1. Promoting the Active and Healthy program. We will produce new promotional materials providing improved information on accessibility of these programs and circulate the promotional material through community networks in Brisbane.
  2. Providing accessible and inclusive Active and Healthy activities. The next procurement process to establish a panel of suppliers for Council's Active and Healthy program will include new specifications about the suppliers' ability to provide accessible and inclusive programs.
  3. Community grants for physical activity projects. We will encourage applications from local non-profit groups for physical activity projects with a focus on access and inclusion.
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Last updated:30 April 2019