Brisbane Access and Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2017 - Our shared vision for Brisbane

Table of contents

1. Pedestrian mobility and transport

1.1 Walking, wheeling and driving safely around Brisbane

1.2 Catching public transport

2. Planning, development and infrastructure

2.1 Being actively engaged in planning an accessible city

2.2 Enjoying a well-designed built environment

2.3 Appreciating the benefits of civic infrastructure

3. Public buildings, venues and outdoor spaces

3.1 Public buildings that make you feel welcome

3.2 People friendly public spaces

3.3 Local meeting places where you can connect with your community

3.4 Parks and natural areas where you enjoy the great outdoors

4.Vibrant, informed and caring communities

4.1 Experiencing the support of inclusive, safe and diverse communities

4.2 Enjoying Brisbane's vibrant arts and culture scene

4.3 Staying active and healthy

4.4 Using libraries for lifelong learning

4.5 Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle

5. Your Council, working with you

5.1 Being an active citizen in an inclusive democracy

5.2 Having a say on the work we do that matters to you

5.3 Communicating and doing business with us

5.4 Understanding how local laws, rules and procedures relate to you

5.5 Keeping Brisbane clean, recycling waste and breathing clean air

5.6 Working in a disability confident organisation

5.7 Knowing your rates are paying for accessible services

The Brisbane Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2017 is one of many medium term strategic plans that detail how Council is working towards the Living in Brisbane 2026 vision. Living in Brisbane 2026 is the vision that Council shares with the people of Brisbane. All of Council's forward planning is guided by this vision.





Brisbane is a youthful and enthusiastic city - spanning city to bay and hills to bush. It is appreciated by residents and visitors for its friendliness and optimism, and respected for its leadership and achievements.

Brisbane's leadership in civic governance and technology will deliver active and healthy communities, drive a strong economy, sustain a clean and green environment, create a city of cultural vibrancy and provide an enduring legacy of liveability for future generations.




Figure 1: Council's Strategic Planning Framework, p44, Living in Brisbane 2026

The realisation of Council's vision is dependent on the achievement of 20 city-wide outcomes. Delivery on at least 13 of these outcomes is dependent on embedding access and inclusion into all facets of planning and service delivery. These outcomes include:

  • inclusive, caring communities
  • active and healthy communities
  • connected and engaged communities
  • learning and informed communities
  • well-designed, responsive built environment
  • well-designed, subtropical city
  • safe communities
  • healthy economy
  • better public health
  • green and active transport
  • effective growth management
  • outstanding city profile
  • cooperative city governance
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Last updated:30 April 2019