Getting around Brisbane - video transcript

Narrator: If you are new to Brisbane, the best way to get to know the city is to use public transport, which is convenient and safe. Here are some tips to help you get around.

Travelling around Brisbane has never been easier. Public transport is convenient and accessible. Council's low-floor buses allow easy access for all passengers and have space for wheelchairs, prams and strollers, while CityCat ferries provide space for up to four wheelchairs. No matter where you travel in Brisbane, we can get you where you’re going.

Brisbane has a large, modern bus fleet, with frequent services and easy-to-recognise Bus Stops. Council offers free loop buses to get around Brisbane's CBD and nearby Spring Hill, plus guided tours of Brisbane on the City Sights bus tours.

We also operate a fleet of CityFerries and CityCats on the Brisbane River stretching from St. Lucia to Hamilton. CityCats run every day, with services every 13 minutes, then more frequently during peak times. For your convenience, the entire CityCat fleet is fitted with wi-fi.

Timetables are available from the TransLink website. Or you can pick up them up from libraries, onboard ferries, at some newsagencies and convenience stores or the Brisbane Information Centre in Queen Street Mall.

The cheapest way to travel is to use a Go card. Go cards are electronic tickets which work on all public transport and can be bought online, at Go card retailers, or by calling 13 12 30. Individual tickets can also be purchased from ticket offices and fare machines, or on the ferry itself.

Of course, in a city as beautiful as Brisbane, many people prefer to get around on bicycle or by foot. This reduces carbon emissions and lets you enjoy Brisbane’s great outdoors.

On sunny days, you can take advantage of the CityCycle network. Hire stations are located at inner city destinations next to bus, train and ferry connections. And our Cycle Centres provide a range of services including secure bike storage, lockers, showers and laundry facilities.

While waiting at a bus stop, raise your hand to hail the bus. To get off the bus, ring the bell when approaching your stop. At ferry terminals and bus stops, keep to the left so exiting passengers can pass on the right and thank your driver or ferry operator as you leave. And always remember to offer your seat to passengers with special needs, such as people with a disability, seniors, pregnant women or parents travelling with small children. We hope you find these travel tips helpful…and have a great day out.

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Last updated:3 May 2019
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