Welcome to Brisbane - video transcript

Lord Mayor: Hello, I’m Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and welcome to Brisbane! With our leafy streets and parks, exciting cultural events, beautiful sub-tropical climate and strong sense of community … we are truly a great city to live in. This video is designed to give you a brief introduction to Brisbane City Council and to the many services and facilities we provide to the residents of Brisbane.

Narrator: Council is dedicated to a better Brisbane. Our vision is a friendly city, where it’s easy to enjoy our outdoor lifestyle, with efficient public transport. We also aim to be a green city, where we protect our natural environment and use our resources wisely. But we can’t do it alone. As a Brisbane resident, we encourage you to take an active role in decisions that affect your city.

To help you, Council provides many services and facilities.

To make it easy to get around, we provide efficient public transport options, such as buses and ferries. We also provide sustainable transport, including walkways, bikeways and CityCycle bike stations, close to bus, train and ferry connections.

To encourage community interaction, we provide public spaces that include parks, cultural facilities, libraries and halls, as well as recreational facilities such as swimming pools, sports fields and skate parks. Council also provides public spaces which cater for the needs of all our residents through the provision of facilities such as all abilities playgrounds.

To keep the environment clean, we collect residential waste and provide recycling programs. We are also responsible for protecting the natural environment, including bushland, wetlands and waterways.

To make sure you always have the help of your community, Council provides support for everyone, including homeless people, senior citizens and students. We offer free vaccinations at Council immunisation clinics and also provide programs that help cultural and community groups participate in sport, recreation and social activities.

If you’ve arrived in Brisbane as a migrant or refugee starting a new life in Brisbane, Council offers many programs to assist. These programs centre around community building and supporting culturally diverse groups. And each year, the Lord Mayor's Refugee Welcome Ceremony enables refugees to meet community leaders, and access programs and services provided by government and non-government agencies.

Council helps keep the community safe, with programs and information to protect citizens in case of natural disasters, such as fires, storms and floods. The Brisbane Early Warning Alert Service lets you receive urgent weather alerts via email, SMS and home phone. We also provide helpful information on our website about what to do in case of a natural disaster event.

Our Contact Centre is the best way to contact Council for any urgent requests, or information you may need. We provide communication options for deaf and visually and speech impaired customers, as well as access to a Federal Government-run translating and interpretation service. You can call 3403 8888 to speak to one of our consultants at any time. Alternatively, you can visit our website at brisbane.qld.gov.au. There you will find everything you need to know about the services and facilities we provide. Whichever way you decide to contact us, you can expect to be treated with honesty, fairness, sensitivity and dignity.

Over the past decade, Brisbane has undergone a significant period of growth to become a dynamic and vibrant new world city. As Lord Mayor, I’m committed to delivering for the residents of Brisbane and growing our city to its full potential. By working with Council, you too can play an important role in helping to make Brisbane an even better place to live for us all.

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Last updated:3 May 2019
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