Community Development and Capacity Building Grant Program budget tips

A budget is required to support your application for a Community Development and Capacity Building grant. You can read budget tips and review the budget table example on this page, to assist you with developing your budget.

Budget tips

  • Make sure your total project income equals your total expenditure.
  • Volunteer staff can be costed from $34.89 per hour for non-skilled labour and at relevant rates for professionals.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the guidelines, in particular, what is eligible for funding.
  • Indicate the amount requested for the Community Development and Capacity Building funding.
  • Complete the budget to account for all costs relevant to your proposed activity.
  • There is an expectation that you will seek additional income beyond the grant funding; please include anticipated contributions, other grants, participation fees, sponsorship and your organisations own 'in-kind' support.

Expected income may include:

  • donations
  • earned income through project/activity
  • fundraising
  • in-kind support including time by paid staff and volunteers (for more information refer to the guidelines)
  • organisation's financial contributions
  • other grants, approved or pending for local, state or federal governments
  • other income
  • sponsorships.

Expected expenses may include:

  • administration costs
  • materials and equipment
  • project insurance
  • promotion, documentation and marketing costs
  • salary, fees and allowances
  • venue hire.

Please note that for the purpose of assessment:

  • all budget figures provided must be GST exclusive, i.e. deduct GST from quotes and invoices
  • if your organisation is GST registered 10% GST will be added to your grant as an itemised GST gross-up.

An example budget table for the Community Development and Capacity Building Grant Program is below:

This table shows an example budget for someone completing a Community Development and Capacity Building Grant Program budget.
Income (source of funding)Amount (ex GST)Expenditure (description of work)Amount (ex GST)Funded by this grant
Brisbane City Council Community Development and Capacity Building Grant Program$2000Support worker salary$2000$900
State Government Grant (approved)$1000Development costs$2000$500
Federal Government Grant (approved)$1000Administration fees$500$500
Sponsorship$1000Promotional costs$500 
Own contribution$1000Venue hire$1500 
In-kind$1000Materials and equipment$500$100
Total income$7000Total expenditure$7000$2000

Ensure all income and expenditure totals match.

Last updated: 7 May 2019