Community Support Funding Program financial table tips

Details on your organisation's sources of funding are required to support your application for the Community Support Funding grant. You can read tips and review a funding table example on this page, to assist you with developing one for your application. 

Table tips 

  • Provide details of your organisation's annual income through internal and external sources of funding for the last financial year.
  • External funding sources can include recurrent and/or one-off payments.
  • ensure you are familiar with the guidelines for conditions relating to eligibility.

Please note that for the purpose of assessment external funding sources include:

  • Commonwealth Government
  • Queensland Government
  • trusts
  • sponsorships; and
  • other grants.

Internal funding sources include:

  • fundraising 
  • donations
  • raffles
  • collections
  • membership fees; and
  • other internal income generating avenues.

An example funding table for the Community Support Funding Program is below:

External funding sourcesRecurrent amountOne-off amountInternal funding sourcesAmount
Commonwealth Government$2.00 Fundraising$1.00
Queensland Government Grant Name 1 $2.00Donations$1.00
Queensland Government Grant Name 2 $1.00Collections $1.00
Trusts$2.00 Membership fees$1.00
Sponsorship - Name 1 $1.00Raffles$1.00
Sponsorship - Name 2 $2.00Property lease$1.00
Other grant $1.00Interest$1.00
Total$4.00$7.00 $7.00


Last updated: 7 May 2019
Topics: grants