Lord Mayor's Community Fund guidelines

Brisbane City Council's Lord Mayor's Community Fund (LMCF) supports community projects that build stronger communities in Brisbane.

Applications for funding can be made by:

  • eligible community organisations for community projects; or
  • Councillors for:
    • community events and activities;
    • capital projects,

provided the expenditure is for a community purpose. Together called the "Projects". 

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 1. Project guidelines

Projects must contribute to the Brisbane Vision, by helping to achieve the aspiration to be a Friendly and Safe, Active and Healthy, Clean and Green, or Vibrant and Creative City.

The number and types of projects approved will depend on the number of applications received, the available program budget, whether a project meets the assessment criteria, and the comparative priority and benefit to the community of the applications. 


Priorities to be met in an application can include:

  • improved provision of, access to and the quality of, community facilities
  • supporting community activities in the areas of recreation and sport
  • supporting community arts and cultural activities - e.g. Christmas carols, Australia Day ceremony
  • contributing to the appreciation of Brisbane's history and heritage
  • responding to groups in the community - e.g. young people, refugees, people in need
  • improving the environment
  • contributing to the community safety
  • contribute to improved health and well-being
  • purchasing equipment to resource community organisations
  • creating opportunities for residents to be informed and involved in their community

2. Who can apply?

Applicants must be:

  • Councillors; or
  • not-for-profit community organisations

3. Eligibility

Eligible projects must:

  • be for a community purpose
  • meet the guidelines of the Lord Mayor's Community Fund Program
  • identify the community benefit of the funding
  • identify additional funding support or in-kind support to be provided
  • contribute towards the Brisbane Vision and meet at least one Lord Mayor's Community Fund priority
  • be implemented within 12 months of the date on the approved letter
  • be undertaken within the relevant Ward boundary and be of benefit to the local community (a project can be jointly funded between adjoining Wards for financial and community benefit)
  • not be used for operational funding of the community organisation or the Councillor's Ward office

Eligible projects include:

  • applications for facility improvement projects for schools must include a documented Usage Agreement with a community organisation(s) outlining the scope of community access to and usage of the facility
  • projects involving schools must demonstrate engagement with the wider community
  • applications involving schools must be made by a community organisation (not the school), for example the Parents & Citizens Association or equivalent
  • application must provide project budget details and clearly indicate how the grant funding is to be spent (i.e. a description of "contribution or sponsorship towards an event/project" is not an adequate level of detail)
  • community events (including Australia Day ceremonies, fetes and those events that charge an entry fee, i.e. fundraisers with a cover charge and festivals with a site entry fee)
  • equipment hired for the purpose of a community event
  • funding towards community sporting organisation's equipment and activities within the ward
  • community facility improvements and equipment
  • capital works of Council that:
    • are for a community purpose
    • have proposed project funding up to $10,000
    • meet Council's asset guidelines and are supported by the Manager, Asset Services Branch or Regional Manager, Asset Services Branch
    • are approved by the Establishment and Coordination Committee, having regard to Council's corporate plan, long-term assessment plan and annual report

Ineligible project include:

  • those that do not fit Council grant policy or the Lord Mayor's Community Fund guidelines
  • projects that support or oppose a political organisation or political activity
  • any event taking place beyond the ward boundary (adjoining wards can partner and fund) of the respective Councillor
  • projects taking place outside of the Brisbane City Council local authority area (including any project components taking place outside Brisbane City Council)
  • projects that have commenced before funding is approved
  • projects that are core state or federal government responsibilities - such as the Education Department (see exception for School based projects above); Queensland Police Service, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, etc
  • proposals that wholly duplicate other Council or government programs
  • purchase of motor vehicles
  • purchase of alcohol
  • projects that pertain to Council's urban planning or traffic planning
  • supplying administrative or support services for performing the Councillor's responsibilities under the City of Brisbane Act (section 242 [Administrative and support services for Councillors] of the City of Brisbane Regulation 2012)
  • funding of ongoing organisation operational or recurrent costs - for example, insurance, electricity, rates, telephones, security, administration, rent, etc
  • donations and sponsorships. By definition a grant cannot be a donation - as there must be a defined purpose/service for which funding is being provided. Specific marketing rules apply to sponsorships. Sponsorship requests should be submitted through Council's 'Sponsorship' program, which is administered by Corporate Communication)
  • projects that constitute any perceived political gain for Councillors. This includes:
    • ward office 'give-aways', sponsorships/donations to individuals;
    • prizes or gifts;
    • funded printed material that promotes individual Councillor/s

4. Grant allocation

LMCF allocation to each Ward will be published online. The program also includes an allocation for the Lord Mayor in support of projects of benefit to multiple wards across Brisbane.

The minimum grant amount is $250 (GST exclusive).

The maximum funding total is $10,000 (GST exclusive) per community organisation per financial year, except where a community organisation is applying on behalf of not-for-profit community organisations that do not have a bank account (that is, as a sponsor).

The maximum allocation for Councillors is $10,000 per project.

5. GST

Applications are to be made using GST exclusive figures.

If the applicant organisation is:

  • GST registered, 10% GST will be added to the grant as an itemised GST gross-up
  • not GST registered, the 10% GST will be added to the grant, but not itemised as GST

For advice on GST, please contact your tax advisor or the Australian Taxation Office on 13 24 78 or via the ATO website.

6. Lodging an application

Applications from eligible community organisations

The official application form must be completed for all projects considered for the Lord Mayor's Community Fund. Applications are to be lodged online.

Assistance in lodging applications can be sought from local Ward Offices.

Applications must be submitted online at least 10 working days before the commencement of your project to avoid being assessed as retrospective. In exceptional circumstances a Councillor may consider approval of an application within the 10 working day period.

Applicants will receive a letter advising of the outcome of their application. Successful applicants will also receive a list of general funding conditions relating to the administration of the grant.

Applications by Councillors to spend for a community purpose

Applications by Councillors to spend for a community purpose shall be made by using the official online application form. Notification must be given to the Community Grants Team before the commencement of the project.

Applications by Councillors to allocate for capital works

Proposals for capital works shall be made using the nominated online form. Councillors are to consult with their Regional Manager, Asset Services to confirm the eligibility and cost quote for the proposed project. The Regional Manager, Asset Services will verify that the project meets Council's asset guidelines by completing a form which the Ward Office will scan and attach to the application before it is submitted.

Where required, the relevant Regional Sports and Recreation officer will confirm agreement for any projects on leased land. When the online application is submitted, the Ward Office will notify the Community Grants Team that the project has been recommended. The Community Grants Team will add the proposal to a rolling monthly Establishment and Coordination Committee (E&C) schedule for approval of LMCF capital works proposals. When determining approval of a capital works proposal, E&C will have regard to Council's corporate plan, long-term assessment plan and annual report. On approval of the proposed works, the Community Grants Team will notify the Regional Manager, Asset Services. Proposals for capital works projects must be lodged before 30 April each financial year to ensure time for approval by E&C.

7. Acquittals

All community organisation grant recipients are required, within 12 months of the date of the approval letter, to provide a summary report of one page to the relevant Ward Office. This report should provide:

(a) statements of expenditure for the project - except projects outlined in '(c)'; and

(b) summary of the project with information such as what occurred during the project; who participated in the project; what was achieved; and if an evaluation took place, a copy of the evaluation report of the project. Photographs or media related to the project should also be attached

(c) for projects relating to purchasing equipment or installing equipment the receipt for that piece of equipment is sufficient record of expenditure and a report is not required

Applicants with outstanding overdue grant acquittals are ineligible to apply for further funding.

8. Successful recipients

All projects or events wholly or partly supported by the Lord Mayor's Community Fund are subject to the following special condition - all advertising and communications must acknowledge the program with the words 'Supported by the Lord Mayor's Community Fund'.

All successful community organisation funding recipients must also agree to the terms and conditions of a funding agreement.

Find the full list of the terms and conditions.

The following is an abridged summary of terms and conditions:

  • recipients agree to have the details of the project, funding amount and organisation published on Council's website and provided in Council reports
  • recipients agree that acquittal of funding will be provided to the relevant Ward Office (or Lord Mayor's Office) within 12 months from the initial approval letter
  • recipients agree that if the funding agreement conditions are not met that the organisation may be required to pay back to Council the funding amount and/or may be ineligible to apply for further funding for two years.
Last updated:27 June 2019