Sponsorship guidelines


For Brisbane City Council, sponsorship involves providing funds or in-kind support to organisations, events and businesses that help make Brisbane a great place to live, work and do business.

Sponsorship profile

Read our latest sponsorship profile, Garage Sale Trail, and see how you can reduce waste to landfill and create a clean, green city.

Types of projects Council sponsors

Council sponsors a wide variety of events, initiatives and projects. Priority is normally given to activities that help achieve the Brisbane Vision.

Council provides sponsorships that will:

  • support agencies or groups that help to address issues affecting the community
  • build relationships with organisations that will help to achieve the Brisbane Vision
  • promote Brisbane as a vibrant, progressive city both regionally and internationally
  • demonstrate commitment to keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable by not using helium balloons, single-use straws and single-use drink bottles
  • attract new events to Brisbane
  • provide economic benefit to the city
  • provide opportunities for employee involvement.

Types of projects Council won't sponsor

Council will consider all proposals but avoid those that:

  • support or oppose political or religious organisations (not including charities run by religious groups)
  • conflict with legislation
  • exclude or offend minority community groups
  • could present a hazard to the community or environment
  • promote gambling, smoking, consumption of other addictive substances
  • may misrepresent Council's sponsorship motives
  • are held outside of the city boundaries or where the majority of the audience is external to the city
  • support or are held by trade unions.

Sporting sponsorships

Council doesn't sponsor individual athletes or representative teams for sporting championships. Consideration will be given to sporting organisations that are holding state, national or international events in Brisbane.

Sponsorships are limited. For more information contact Council

How to apply

Download and complete your Request for Sponsorship from Council application (Word - 171kb).

After completing the sponsorship application, please email it to Council's Sponsorship team at corporate.marketing@brisbane.qld.gov.au. Note: the maximum total of all attachments must not exceed 50Mb per email.

Application assessment

Council will evaluate the sponsorship application against an objective set of criteria developed to help determine whether the proposal fits with the Brisbane Vision, current priorities and financial allocations.

Sponsorship proposals take time to consider. Send your proposal as far ahead of your event or project as possible.

Council works according to an annual budgeting and planning cycle. To allow sponsorships to be planned for the benefit of both the sponsored organisation and the wider community, applications are unable to be accepted if received less than three months before the event or sponsorship commencement date.

Next stage

Once Council has decided to offer sponsorship, it will enter into a contract (or letter of agreement) with the applicant. This will outline the benefits agreed to, payment terms, performance required and evaluation methods.

After the project or event is completed, Council will evaluate the effectiveness of the agreement to meet its objectives to help with future sponsorship considerations.

Where Council is unable to provide sponsorship, applicants will be notified by letter.

Last updated:19 September 2019