Building Stronger Communities Grants Program

Grant update

In 2020-21 Brisbane City Council prioritised funds to create the Lord Mayor’s COVID-19 Direct Assistance Program. This Program supported our community organisations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Refer to the Lord Mayor’s COVID-19 Direct Assistance Program for more information about the program.

The Building Stronger Communities Grants Program will provide funding to community-based, not-for-profit organisations to deliver projects that develop or improve their facilities, or improve their governance and long term organisational sustainability.

The program provides funds to incorporated not-for-profit community organisations and networks, or unincorporated groups under the auspices of an incorporated not-for-profit organisation.


Brisbane City Council recognises the significant contributions of community organisations in promoting and linking residents to recreation and wellbeing opportunities that positively impact the broader community.

A community facility is a facility that supports community sport, recreational, cultural and social activities and in doing so, helps provide for the physical, cultural, mental and social wellbeing of the community.

By undertaking a project suitable for the Program, your organisation is helping to achieve the Brisbane Vision 2031 for a friendly and safe, active and healthy, and vibrant and creative city.

There are three categories for funding, with category one and two focussing on facility development and maintenance. Category three focuses on improving organisational development, particularly in the area of effective committee management.

The categories are:

  1. community facility maintenance
  2. community facility development
  3. organisational development.

Funding available

Funding is available for up to $7500 for organisational development grants and up to $100,000 for community facility maintenance or development grants.

Funding round dates

Applications for this grant are closed. This program will return in 2021-22.


An applicant should be an incorporated not-for-profit organisation.

An unincorporated not-for-profit organisation may also apply, under the auspices of an incorporated not-for-profit organisation able to accept legal and financial responsibility for the applicant's project.

Applicants must operate within the Brisbane Local Government Area (LGA).

Applicants must not have any overdue Council grant acquittals or outstanding debts with Council.

Acquittal reports for successful applicants

If your application is successful you will be required to complete your project and submit an online acquittal form within 12 months of the grant approval notification.

If your grant was for:

  • an amount less than $20,000, your Statement of Income and Expenditure must be signed by your Treasurer
  • an amount of $20,000 or more, your Statement of Income and Expenditure must be signed by a Chartered Accountant or Certified Accountant, who does not have a relationship with your organisation, other than as an independent auditor.

Grant recipients with overdue acquittal reports are not eligible to apply for further grants.

If you believe your organisation may have an outstanding acquittal report from a project, phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak with the Grants Administration Unit for advice.

More information

For more information and before you commence your application, you can:

You can also contact Council via:

Last updated: 22 February 2021