Lord Mayor's Helen Taylor Award - previous recipients

Successful recipients of the Lord Mayor's Helen Taylor Research Award for Local History receive funding for undertaking history or heritage projects which have a focus on informing or educating the public about Brisbane local history or heritage. 

List of grant recipients for the Lord Mayor's Helen Taylor Award, including name, year, project name and description.
Year Name Project name and description
2020 Brian Rough Capturing Brisbane: This project will identify and record professional photographers operating in Brisbane from the mid-1850s to the end of the nineteenth century. In excess of 160 professional photographers operated in Brisbane during that time. They have made a significant contribution towards our understanding and interpretation of the city’s past by recording the people and places around them.
2019 Dr Anne Monsour

A continuous thread: the Lebanese presence in South Brisbane, Woolloongabba and West End
The project aims to inform and educate the local and wider community about the history of Lebanese communities in South Brisbane, Woolloongabba and West End since the 1880s, through creating a digital narrative, book and pop-up exhibition. 

2018 Mr Matthew Wengert

A city in masks: Brisbane gets the Spanish flu
The project aims to publish a book that provides a narrative history of Brisbane’s experience during the pneumonic influenza epidemic in 1918-19, also known as Spanish Flu.

2017 Dr Lee McGowan With the Ball at Her Feet: A Living History of Women's Football in Brisbane
This project aims to research women's football (soccer) in Brisbane, to capture its history and stories and to exhibit its heritage. The project will be a digitally delivered, interactive archive. This community story-telling project aims to bring together old, established and new sources and stories written by like-minded community members, who are united by their love of football and local history.
2016 Ms Anastasia Dukova Digital Brisbane
This project will research historical information on the key aspects of urban life in Brisbane from 1859 to 1901. The project will utilise sworn and expert witness statements captured in police court records and recreate daily interactions of Brisbane citizens during this time, in the form of a Brisbane historical crime map. 
2015 Ms Marianne Taylor

Brisbane Retro
This project will research the history of post-war and modernist houses in Brisbane, built between 1940 and 1970, including photographic record of surviving examples. The project will produce a highly visual ebook and exhibition which captures and displays houses from an era not often considered worthy of retention and documentation.

2014 Ms Kim Wilson Brisbane Art Deco
This project engages with the broader Brisbane community to uncover and reflect on our art deco heritage, and discuss the history, preservation and development of such examples as they stand today. The project will produce a highly visual publication, and will include a range of examples from our city Brisbane's art deco buildings.
2013 Dr Deborah Jordan Women in Colonial Brisbane: Agency, Narrative and Intervention
This project will research and write a sociobiography of Leontine Cooper - a leader of the first wave of the women's movement in the late 1800's in Brisbane. The project will also undertake the facilitation, transcription and digitalisation of The Brisbane Suffrage Petitions and make them available for future historical research.
2012 Ms Trish FitzSimons Dreamers, Boaties and Birds - Life on Norman Creek
This project will explore the history of life on and in the immediate environs of Norman Creek. The research will survey the specific history of Norman Creek with a particular focus of primary research on the latter half of the twentieth century.
2011 Ms Katy Forde Lillian Violet
This project will research, write and produce an episode of Lillian Violet, an online musical comedy series about Brisbane and Queensland's first female doctor, Lilian Violet Cooper (1861-1947).
2010 Mr Alexander Bond The Statesman, the Warrior and the Songman
This project will research and create a DVD and associated booklet of key figures and places of Brisbane and Moreton Bay region history from an Indigenous perspective.
2009 Mr Peter Connell History of vocational training of Brisbane Sisters of Mercy
This project will research and exhibit exploring the vocational training of the Sisters of Mercy at All Hallows' Convent & Bardon Novitiate.


Last updated: 3 September 2021