Animal Welfare League Queensland's Brisbane Cooperative Desexing Program

Brisbane City Council encourages responsible cat ownership and is proud to support Animal Welfare League Queensland’s (AWLQ) Brisbane Cooperative Desexing Program.

Who is eligible? 

The Brisbane Cooperative Desexing Program enables eligible residents to receive subsidised desexing vouchers if they are:

  • pension or concession card holders
  • low income residents
  • residents with too many cats.

How can I apply for a voucher? 

To see if you are eligible for a voucher, please call AWLQ National Desexing Network on 07 5509 9044. Vouchers must be used within one month at a participating veterinary clinic.

Funding is limited, so if you are eligible, make sure to get in quickly.

What are the costs? 

AWLQ’s Brisbane Cooperative Desexing Program costs
 Subsidised cost
Male cat$35.00
Female cat

$55.00 for first cat

$35.00 for additional cats

AWLQ’s Brisbane Cooperative Desexing Program is one of the ways Brisbane City Council is helping to make Brisbane a great place to live, work and relax.

Last updated:3 May 2019