Wandering cats

Council is committed to responsible cat ownership and encouraging Brisbane residents to do their part by keeping cats contained to their property. Roaming cats can spread diseases, cause injury to themselves or other cats, injure or kill wildlife and can cause damage to property.

The Animals Local Law 2017 requires a keeper of an animal to provide an enclosure and prevent the animal from wandering. Council understand that sometimes a person may not know that their animal is wandering or the extent of the nuisance that it may be causing.

There are numerous ways a cat owner can safely contain a cat to their property and there are plenty of options that could be considered:

  • Provide further stimulation (for example scratching poles, cat runs, toys etc);
  • Keeping the cat indoors;
  • Modifying existing fencing; or
  • Provide prefabricated cat runs.

Handling wandering cat complaints

If you see a wandering cat and know where it resides, Council encourages you to make contact with the cat owner. To assist you, Council have created a wandering cat letter, that can be filled out anonymously and provided to the cat owner.

If you believe the cat is feral/non-domesticated, Council operate control programs promoting the protection of Brisbane’s native wildlife. To register your property as a management location using Council’s Feral animal sightings online form or contact Council.

Report to Council

If you are not comfortable or feel unsafe approaching the cat owner, or if the cat continues to wander after the owner has had time to resolve the problem, you can report the issue to Brisbane City Council by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on (07) 3403 8888.

What to do if your animal is lost?

Refer to Council's Lost and found animals page. 

Last updated: 2 October 2019