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Lord Mayor's Taskforce on Suburban Flooding

In February 2005, Brisbane City Council established the Lord Mayor's Taskforce on Suburban Flooding which proposed several key priority actions. This included a voluntary home purchase scheme for identified 'at risk' residential properties, as well as the reviewing and strengthening of land use planning, development and building controls, to ensure future activities have no adverse effect on flooding.

The report also recommended a community awareness program aimed at enhancing community capacity to prepare for and manage the impacts of flooding. The taskforce ensured that all Brisbane residents were able to access free and reliable flood reports.

The taskforce accessed the best available advice and expertise, and produced a report with recommendations on how to minimise the impact that significant rain can cause in flood prone areas.

Council has been implementing these recommendations with a massive funding commitment of $292 million over six years.

Report details

The Lord Mayor's Taskforce on Suburban Flooding noted that in some parts of Brisbane, residents are living in houses potentially at risk of frequent flooding above floor level.

Issues the taskforce addressed include:

  • identifying that many problem areas were developed before current development standards applied. This occurred prior to current knowledge of the likelihood of flooding
  • recognising that a voluntary home purchase scheme is a long-term solution to these problems. Recommendations were made on the criteria and priorities to guide this process 
  • proposing that the Brisbane City Plan 2014 land use planning, development and building controls be reviewed and strengthened
  • proposing actions to communicate with and educate the community about flooding. This includes providing flood information, effective flood forecasting and flood warnings

Lord Mayor’s Taskforce on Suburban Flooding Report

You can download the report in the following sections:

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01 September 2017