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Flooding in Brisbane - a guide for businesses

""Flooding can affect your business, either directly through water damage to premises, stock and equipment, or indirectly through disruptions to power, communication and transport services. We all have a role to play in minimising the impact of flooding. There are many simple things businesses can do to prepare themselves, their workforce and their customers. 

Flood guide for businesses

This guide will help you to prepare for flooding and to minimise the impact of flooding to your business

You can also download:

Be prepared video

Watch Council's video to understand the likelihood of flooding at your business, how to be prepared for an emergency and how to minimise any flood impact on your business.

You can also watch this video and other related videos on Council's YouTube channel

More information

Ensure your business is prepared by checking Council's range of free online tools and information that can help businesses identify and understand the possibility of flooding.

Brisbane City Council excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this flood preparedness guide, titled Flooding in Brisbane - A guide for businesses, and any information or material cited in it. The information in this guide is general information provided to help you decide if you need professional advice relevant to your particular situation.

21 June 2018