Flooding support for businesses

Flooding can affect your business, either directly through water damage to premises, stock and equipment, or indirectly through disruptions to power, communication and transport services. Find the tools that can help your business be prepared for any likelihood of flooding.

Flood Awareness Map

Council's Flood Awareness Map provides flood information for your suburb and surrounding area, including any local history of flooding. You can also watch a video to help you understand the sources of flooding that may affect your area.

Flooding in Brisbane - a guide for businesses

Prepare your business, staff and customers for storm and flooding. 

Business emergency kit and contacts

It is important to prepare your business and employees by having an emergency kit and plan before an emergency. The following list is a guide to business information and supplies that can help if your business is evacuated.

FloodWise Property Reports

Council's FloodWise Property Reports provide property specific flood information to enable you to plan and build in accordance with the correct requirements.