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Be prepared business

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Identify the local severe weather risks to your business (e.g. flooding, severe storms, bushfire or human-caused). Checking Council’s Flood Awareness Maps and FloodWise Property Reports is a simple way to see whether your business is at risk of flooding.

Develop a business continuity plan, keep it up-to-date and stored in a safe, disaster-proof location.

Ensure you have a current list of emergency contacts including staff and key customer contacts, local police, state emergency, fire and ambulance services. Also, keep a list of recovery contacts including insurance and bank details, employees, suppliers and other key contacts.

Prepare an emergency kit for when you have to evacuate, including key business documents and the continuity plan, first aid kit, torch, portable radio, spare batteries, plastic bags and water at a minimum.

Prepare and practice an evacuation plan, considering the local risks e.g. flooding of local roads.

Ensure staff are trained in evacuation and first aid procedures if appropriate and are aware of the continuity plan arrangements.

Familiarise yourself with Council’s Local Disaster Management Plan.

Identify any stock, vehicles and equipment that may need relocating or protecting during an event.

Plan for the possibility of an extended power outage (e.g. available generator and fuel).

Ensure you have adequate insurance to cover your business for different types of disaster, e.g. premises, equipment, loss of revenue for storm, bushfire and flooding.

Back-up critical data to a portable storage device and store it in a secure offsite location or use cloud storage.

Regularly maintain your premises and infrastructure to help prevent emergencies (clear stormwater drains, maintain a firebreak, etc.).

21 October 2016