Understand your flood risk

flood-awareness-mapBrisbane’s subtropical climate means our city experiences severe weather events. Because our city is built on a floodplain this can result in flooding from a variety of sources, particularly during the summer storm season from November through to March. However, it is important to note flooding can occur at any time of the year.

Minimising the impact of flooding is everyone’s responsibility.

Be prepared for flooding

Don't wait until it's too late. Brisbane City Council has a range of free tools and information to help residents understand their property's potential flood risk and how to be prepared.

Using the Flood Awareness Maps

It is important to understand your flood risk so you can be prepared to reduce the impact of flooding on your home and or business.

You can use the interactive flood awareness maps to:

  1. Understand your areas of risk:
  2. Understand the sources of flooding:
    • identify the sources of flooding that may affect your property
  3. Explore the history of river flooding in Brisbane:
    • see how every flood is different

Council will update the Flood Awareness Map with the latest creek flood data on Friday 9 September 2016.

The Flood Awareness Maps provide flood information for your local area, historic flooding and sources of flooding.

Conditions of use Flood Awareness Map

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Maps pages

These maps are produced from computer models. The models are based on the best data available to Council at the time the models were developed.

These maps are indicative only of possible flood extents, if the data and assumptions on which they are based are reproduced in a future weather event.

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Flood awareness videos

Watch a video to find out how to use Council’s online flood awareness maps and see whether your property is at risk of flooding. You can also learn about the sources of flooding that may affect your property.

You can also watch this video and other related videos on Council's YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can watch this video in an accessible player on Vimeo.

Flooding in Brisbane guides for residents and businesses

Brisbane City Council has created simple guides to help you to prepare for flooding in Brisbane. Use these guides to help understand your property’s potential flood risk and to help minimise the impact of flooding on our homes, property and businesses.

You can access:

You can also download:

26 August 2016