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Bald Hills Cemetery

Bald Hills Cemetery (also known as Sandgate Cemetery) is located on the north side of Brisbane. Established in 1877, the cemetery covers 5 acres and can accommodate monumental and lawn burials. 

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Location: Corner Pellinor and Barrett Streets, Bracken Ridge, 4017
Postal address: Care of Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery
Office opening hours: No office on site - managed by Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery
Visiting hours: Monday to Sunday: 6am to 6pm

Contact Bald Hills Cemetery by:

  • phoning Council on 07 3403 8888
  • email (to Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery)

Burial options

New lawn beam and monumental burial sites are still available at Bald Hills Cemetery which allow for two to three burials as well as ashes interment in the grave. When checking costs, please refer to 'Historical monumental and lawn grave'.

Burials in existing family graves may also be available, where the grave still has space or the last burial was more than 30 years ago. Family grave re-use is only available to direct descendants of the people already buried in the grave or those related to the burial right holder. Download family grave re-use application forms.

New graves can be pre-purchased at today's prices or purchased as required.

Bald Hills Cemetery is managed by Pinnaroo Cemetery. To view available burial options at Bald Hills Cemetery, request an appointment by email. As there is no office at Bald Hills, an officer from Pinnaroo will meet you on site.

Locating graves

Bald Hills Cemetery is managed by Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery.

The practice of marking numbers on gravestones was not introduced until the late 1900's. As most of the graves at Bald Hills Cemetery are quite old, the majority of headstones do not have numbers marked on them. This can make finding graves at Bald Hills Cemetery difficult. It is recommended that you contact the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery office by email to request a map, stating the name of the deceased and the grave location.

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