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The QUBE Effect finalists

Find out more about The QUBE Effect 2018 finalists who have performed at Brisbane Youth Week 2018 and have created music videos as part of this year's competition.

""The Gametes

At the forefront of Brisbane's up and coming generation, The Gametes have landed supports with both international and emerging bands within months of forming. Their unique, absurdist approach to performance has established them as a force to be reckoned with on stage, as the group consistently employs new and exciting performance art techniques.


YELLOWCATREDCAT are a Brisbane based, two-piece alternative rock band who like to play loud music and have a nice time.

""The Beamish Boys

The Beamish Boys are two brothers, whose passion for singing and song writing started in their garage. Based in Brisbane, Ben and Jeremy Beamish combine authentic harmonising with fresh song ideas to hone in on their signature acoustic style. Their versatile song writing skills have led to collaborating with artists and producers around the globe.

""Twelve Past Midnight

Twelve Past Midnight capture the heart of modern popular music and create a new take on indie pop rock. Piecing together influences from bands like The 1975, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Gang Of Youths and The Last Dinosaurs - these four Brisbane heartaches have been blowing up venues around Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Electronic producer and singer AERBORN will be singing live over her tracks, as well as playing a live DJ set.


Harmon are an indie rock band with 1960s' influences that employ 'wall of sound' traits.

""Chakra Efendi

Chakra Efendi along with his band will play a live show, featuring a combination of witty lyricism and jazzy guitar chords that deliver a captivating performance of genuine emotion.

""The PBs

The PBs began as a side project to house ideas and songs that didn't seem to fit into existing creative projects. The PBs honest and slack-happy outlook characterized early performances, and created a turbulent and carefree live show. The PBs have expanded to push the band's hook-driven sound into their own unique brand of garage noise-rock.


Dosed are a trio from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland that really do go way back. Their colourful mix of personalities creates a contagious high-energy stage presence that makes it hard for the spectator to shy away. These boys are known to specialise in getting both the young and old punters up for a dance!

""Port Royal

Port Royal are a good time blues-inspired rock and roll band, taking influence from classic rock and roll of the 1960s' and 1970s'. Fat licks, dirty riffs and harmonious melodies. They play songs about being young, being in love, and believing in yourself.

""Mufaro (& The Barehouse)

Mufaro (& The Barehouse) are a R&B band that mixes soul and funk sounds. The band specialises in blending genres to create a unique wave of music.

""The Mailbox Crew

A tribute to being young and curious, The Mailbox Crew tell tales of childlike wonder, first dates gone wrong and beautiful, intriguing people all around. With fat bass-lines, driving beats and ripping horns, The Mailbox Crew are brimming with fun-loving energy.

""The Eagle Junction

The Eagle Junction are wild performers, playing fast energetic rock and roll music. A vibrant mix of heavy blues and crazy swing jazz, The Eagle Junction will blow you away with their wild stage antics and crazy musical ideas.


Pending? comes to free the mind! Pending? has a progressive rock cross jazz sound that bends genres to create anarchy and art through sound. Pending? are influenced by artists such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Bad Bad Not Good, and Cornelius to create their signature sound. A creative force to be heard, Pending? will have you dancing and grooving!


Unacceptable is a newly formed, self-proclaimed cheesy crust rock band formed in the Gold Coast. The band has been said to sound like artists such as Dope Lemon and Good Boy. The band have made a name for themselves in the Brisbane music scene.


Canondrome are a party duo into good times and mixing heavy riffs with dance beats, the more amps the better.


Huntington is Brisbane's newest ambient rock outfit. The band have burst into the music scene with a signature ambient dance rock sound.


Hailing from the streets of Brisbane Australia, Zac BNJMN is a musician and producer writing instrumental music. Drawing aspects from a number of genres, Zac's music takes the listener on a musical journey of varying emotions and landscapes.


APEman is a punk rapper exploring identity and duality through banging beats and lyricism. At times introspective and personal, others absurd, APEman's style is littered with pop culture references and mythos. High energy, eclectic and weird.

""Vesper Green

Four-piece band, Vesper Green have a hard rock, grunge sound. Vesper Green have blended the early 1990s' Seattle sound with a modern and unique new flavour. The band aims to bring something that everyone can connect to, through a diverse arrangement of riff driven music with a thunderous, groove based rhythm section.

""Beddy Rays

Beddy Rays are an indie rock band from Brisbane's southeast. The band members grew up together and bonded over a common interest of football and music. Beddy Rays have been gaining fans with audiences coming back for their trademark sound.

""Salmon & the Peaches

Blending acoustic and electronic sounds, Salmon & the Peaches create dreamy indie-pop tunes with heartfelt lyricism. Drawing from a myriad of influences including Kimbra, The 1975 and Gorillaz as well as local bands such as MKO Sun, Salmon & the Peaches pushes the boundaries of pop music to make the familiar a new adventure.

""Lachlan Hawkins

Lachlan is one of Australia’s most inspiring young percussionists, with a background in jazz, classical and contemporary music. Lachlan’s latest musical project sees exploring meditative sounds in collaboration with renowned Brisbane producer Steve Thornely. His songs explores themes of family, self-acceptance and loss, and features the handpan and voice together with some of Australia’s finest young musicians.


Chesterfield are a 60's influenced Folk/pop duo with a focus on vocal harmonies.


21 June 2018