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Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

Each year, Brisbane high schools are invited to nominate one Year 10 student to represent their school on the Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (LMYAC). LMYAC delegates act as representatives of their school and community, and are a voice for raising issues or sharing ideas that affect young people.

LMYAC aims to develop young people as leaders, and is specifically designed to provide an opportunity for young people in Brisbane to participate in decision making at the local and citywide level. Students identify issues and engage with each other in a public forum, where they are encouraged to provide feedback and give their opinion about Brisbane City Council policies, local laws, services and programs that affect young people.

The delegates are also encouraged to work with their peers to generate and share ideas regarding initiatives that fulfil the environmental, social, creative and economic aspirations of young people in Brisbane.

Meeting format

Four LMYAC meetings are held throughout the year (one held every term, during school hours for three hours). Meetings are chaired by the Lord Mayor and discussions facilitated by Council's Youth Development team. Young people are given the opportunity to provide input and share their ideas on three to four Council initiatives during the workshop component of each meeting.

There is also an Induction Workshop held prior to the first official LMYAC meeting, which enables students to meet Council Officers and fellow LMYAC students in a more casual environment.


Thank you for your interest in the program, online nominations are now open.

Submit an online form to nominate one Year 10 student (in 2019) who will represent your school. 

If you would like to know more about the program or reserve a space for your school, email the Young People team.

Nomination closes on Friday 15 February 2019. 

LMYAC achievements

LMYAC students have:

  • provided suggestions on how to make some of Council’s events more attractive to young people
  • provided comments and ideas on Council’s programs and initiatives, including the New Transport Plan for Brisbane
  • identified issues that are important for young people in Brisbane
  • provided some insights on issues surrounding the topic of young people and mental health
  • participated in a leadership workshop on how to work effectively in a collaborating manner
  • volunteered at Council’s events, such as Youth Week, Homeless Connect and NAIDOC events
  • run donation drive at schools to collect items for Homeless Connect event
  • participated in Council events, including 100+ Club Morning Tea and National Flag Day Ceremony 
  • managed Youth Zone activities at community events, such as WelcomeFest and Mental Health Week
  • developed project ideas and initiated research of their own interest and passion. Topics included Healthy Body Healthy Mind, promoting Multicultural events within schools, supporting the installation of more recycling bins in schools and running community tutoring club for high school students. 

Lourdes Hill College student Georgia Press, Somerville House student Jane Nimmo and San Sisto College student Olivia Joyce raised their interest to establish regular group fitness activities for young people in their local parks.

With support from Council’s ‘Chillout’ School Holiday Program Coordinator, the students researched and developed a Healthy Body Healthy Mind program which was launched during school holidays.

More information

To find out more about the LMYAC program, email the Youth Development team.

LMYAC photo gallery

View photos of the 2018 LMYAC program student leaders and see some of the events they have been involved in throughout the year so far.

Alternatively, you can view the photos in the Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (LMYAC) album in Council's Flickr account.

Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (LMYAC) 2018

22 October 2018