Community Development and Capacity Building Grants Program 2017-18 - Recipient list | Brisbane City Council

Community Development and Capacity Building Grants Program 2017-18 - Recipient list

The following Community Development and Capacity Building Grants projects were approved in 2017-2018.

Successful recipients receive funding up to $10,000 to improve and develop services that respond to local and city-wide issues in Brisbane.

A total of 15 organisations received funding to a value of $127,608.78 

Organisation Project Amount approved
African Australian Women's Association Inc Leadership Development Project $11,000.00
Benarrawa Community Development Association Inc Benarrawa Flowing Forward Project $10,000.00
Brisbane South Division Limited  Wellbeing Workshops $9,500.00
Community Legal Centres Queensland Inc
Community Legal Sector Evaluation and Planning Facilitation $10,000.00
Community Praxis Co-OpLtd
Imagine Moorooka Community Building Project $9,520.00
Council on the Ageing Queensland
Volunteer Capability Building: Networking and Collaboration $8,430.00
Footprints in Brisbane Inc
BiTWRAP Brisbane North $7,705.00
Joiningthedots International
The Welcome Dinner Project Southern Brisbane Leadership Pilot Project $11,000.00
Latin American Community of Australia (QLD) Inc
Uncovering the Latin-American Community in Brisbane $8,881.40
Palliative Care Queensland Incorporated
Nurturing Compassionate Communities in The Gap $8,300.00
Queensland Positive People Incorporated
Social Connection for People Ageing with HIV $5,000.00
Sandgate and Bracken Ridge Action Group Inc
Global Dance and Art Social Inclusion Project $8,200.00
The Inala Youth Care Community Inc
Inala Cultural Project $10,000.00
The Legacy Club of Brisbane Limited
Justice of the Peace Training for Legatees (Volunteers) $3,815.00
Trustees Of The Christian Brothers (Queensland) (Auspice for Alexandra Margaret Hine)
Art therapy for the Margins $6,257.38


27 March 2018