Indigenous Aspirations Strategy


The Indigenous Aspirations Strategy builds on Brisbane City Council's commitment to creating a city that equally values its history and looks to its future. The strategy was designed to meet the aspirations, hopes and visions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Brisbane. It was developed in a way that would allow it to be flexible enough to evolve as communities and their needs change.

Discussions were held between Council and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups, to better understand the specific needs of these communities. From these discussions it was clear that these groups wanted to work in partnership with Council to develop programs for their communities. This feedback was a key consideration in the writing and implementation of the strategy.

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Highlights and initiatives

Under the Indigenous Aspirations Strategy, the following are some of the initiatives that were introduced:

Aboriginal Dual Park Names project

Council consulted with three Traditional Owner groups to provide research on the cultural significance of various sites across Brisbane. As a result, in 2007, one park per ward was signed with the parks original name and with a name in an Aboriginal language.

Black History Month

Black History Month takes place in July each year and is a showcase of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, heritage and culture that acknowledges and celebrates First Australians' achievements.

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Indigenous Performance Program

The Indigenous Performance Program provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers with the chance to showcase their culture in the Queen Street Mall once a week.

Next step

The Indigenous Aspirations Strategy is currently waiting to be reviewed to see how well it has achieved its targets. This review will assist Council in setting the future direction of the strategy and ensure Council continues its commitment to facilitating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aspirations in Brisbane.

More information

To find out more about the Indigenous Aspirations Strategy, please contact Council's Indigenous Team by phoning (07) 3403 8888.

17 June 2014