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Cemeteries and crematoria terms and conditions

Burial Right Holders and Applicants must comply with all rules and regulations which may apply to the operation of the cemetery. Brisbane City Council may vary its rules and regulations at any time and in any manner it deems appropriate.

Burial rights - new graves and ashes memorials

The burial right to a new grave or ashes memorial may be purchased by an individual who is then entitled to be buried in the grave or memorial and authorise the burial of others in the grave or memorial (up to the number permitted in that grave or memorial as determined by Council from time to time). The person who signs the General Application Form becomes the burial right holder. Only one person may be the burial right holder to a grave or memorial. The right may not be sold and is not transmissible by death.

On the death of the Burial Right Holder the authority to authorise burials in a grave or memorial reverts to Council. Council will permit, in its absolute discretion, a spouse, child, partner, relative, direct descendant or a friend of the Burial Rights Holder to be buried in the grave or memorial provided it has no reason to believe that the Burial Rights Holder would have objected.

Burial rights to unused graves and ashes memorial sites may be returned to Council - for those purchased more than 10 years ago 80% of the original purchase price will be refunded, for those purchased less than 10 years 90% will be refunded.

Council may permit, in its absolute discretion, the transfer of a Burial Right from one person to another. Burial rights to a grave may only be transferred on one occasion.

Plaques and granite products

All plaques for lawn and lawn beams must be supplied by Council. All granite bases for lawn beams must be supplied by Council. Flat granite bases for lawn graves may be supplied by Council or monumental masons (provided the granite bases are to Council's specifications).

Council supplied plaques and granite products have a five year warranty for faulty workmanship and defective materials. Council will make good any damage caused to plaques or granite products during the course of maintenance, provided the product was supplied by Council. Council accepts no responsibility for any deterioration in plaques or granite products due to the natural elements or the passage of time.

Council accepts no responsibility for the maintenance of any monument that has been constructed on a grave. The monument will always remain the responsibility of the Burial Right Holder or his or her family or descendants. Council reserves the right to remove any monument after due notice to family or descendants (where possible), if the condition of the monument renders it dangerous to cemetery staff or visitors.

Flowers or memorabilia

To preserve the essential nature of our cemeteries, it is necessary to impose some reasonable regulations about what may or may not be done with grave sites and memorials. While the individual integrity of the family and each grave is respected, it should be appreciated that a cemetery must provide for the community at large.

Graves in lawn areas (as distinct from traditional monumental graves) are intended to have minimal flowers and memorabilia. No more than two receptacles for flowers are permitted on lawn graves or ashes memorials.

Prohibited items

Not permitted on lawn graves or ashes memorials:

  • Glass or metal containers
  • solar lights
  • pot plants
  • pebbles
  • plastic windmills
  • fencing 

Any type of planting in lawn graves area, monumental burial areas and ashes gardens is prohibited.


Council acts in good faith when it relies on advice provided by Applicants and/or Funeral Directors and does not accept any responsibility for allowing a burial that might be the subject of a later dispute between family members.

More information

For more information, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

15 June 2015