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Get involved

For so long we have been modest ambassadors of our city and its achievements, but with so many success stories and so much to offer, Brisbane has a lot to be proud of.

The Team Brisbane campaign has been initiated to increase community pride in our city and encourage all residents to help promote Brisbane and sell the message of what we have to offer the world.

Whether the achievements are the result of high-profile identities, our unsung heroes or our everyday heroes, we hope that by reminding people how well Brisbane is performing it will inject further confidence into our economy, boost business and tourism and create more jobs now and for future generations.

All residents and businesses have a role to play in our city’s future and by becoming a part of Team Brisbane, you can do just that.

Share and promote your experiences

Share your great experiences of Brisbane through social media posts with the hashtag #teambne.

Help spread the word on the city’s achievements and talk about Brisbane in a positive light to interstate/international family, friends, visitors and business colleagues.

Provide a friendly welcome to all of our international guests and help them with directions, city information and recommendations.

Be active in your community

Organise presentations and information sessions about Brisbane achievements at local community group meetings

Help someone in need in your community or attend one of the many community events in your local area

Become a volunteer in your community

Volunteering to work in local organisations or community groups can be very rewarding. Opportunities to volunteer may include:

  • working with a community organisation such as retirement homes or young people’s organisations
  • working with local historical societies
  • participating in local environmental projects
  • peer tutoring
  • fundraising for local community networks or disadvantaged groups
  • contacting Volunteering QLD

Attend community events/exhibitions

Attending historical memorial days and taking part in key cultural celebrations allows you to understand the past and present issues that your city and country face.

Council offers a large number of free events that provide education on issues going on in your local community as well as celebrating cultural diversity.

Become an active citizen

Develop an interest in local, national, regional or international issues. Active citizenship includes learning about key issues impacting society and, where possible, participating in strategies to resolve these issues. In an inter-connected world, these issues may be local, national, regional or international.

There are a number of websites providing opportunities for residents to be engaged in local, national, regional or international issues:

07 February 2017