Find information on keeping an animal, animal laws and permits, reporting a lost or found pet and Brisbane City Council animal rehoming centres. Read also about dog parks, adopting a pet, approved pet shops and activities for dogs.


Animal rehoming centres

There are two Council animal rehoming centres.  Find out about opening hours and centre locations.

Lost and found

Advice on how to report lost animals in the Brisbane City Council area, as well as information on how to claim them.

Pet registration and permits

Find out about the laws and permits required for keeping dogs, cats, poutry, horses and for owning a pet shop.

Choosing a pet

Before you choose a new pet, learn about the responsibilities of owning a dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile or other animal.

Adopting a pet from Council

Adopt a healthy dog, cat or livestock from one of Council's animal rehoming centres.

Keeping a dog

Find out about owning a dog in Brisbane, caring for your dog, off-leash areas and obedience training.

Looking after your pet

Tips on responsible pet management to ensure that natural areas are protected.

Keeping a cat

Learn about your responsibilities as a cat owner in Brisbane, including cat care tips, buying a cat, and cat permits.

Approved pet shops

Pet shops are required to hold a permit. Check the list of approved pet shops, including location details.