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How to help a community garden

""There are many ways you can help your local community garden or city farm by volunteering your time, tools, materials or perhaps you could start your own community garden and support local food growth.


Register at Volunteering Queensland  or contact your local community garden.

Skills and expertise

Individuals and businesses can offer:

  • book keeping skills, even one hour per month
  • writing skills, creating articles for the local paper or magazine that highlight the garden
  • staff and machinery to dig, smooth, move, trim or slash in or around the garden - often one hour is enough
  • to run a workshop or organise volunteers
  • to create a logo or website for a new community garden

Tools and materials

Community gardens need your donations. Some ideas are:

  • old garden or landscape tools
  • organic waste for the compost heap
  • transportation
  • straw, fertilisers, manure or mulch
  • office equipment e.g. computers, phones and desks for larger gardens
  • second hand building resources e.g. pavers, timber, pipe off-cuts
  • building expertise to help develop gardens

One-off and regular donations

  1. $250 can get a garden started.
  2. $800 buys a notice board or sign for the garden.
  3. One cent donated to a community garden for every dollar you make will go a long way.
  4. Contribute towards a paid liaison position for the group.
  5. Start a community competition for the community garden and advertise your business.
  6. Trade your products or services for community garden produce.
  7. Provide land for a community garden for short term use.
  8. Start a productive garden at work.

More information

Brisbane City Council and other government agencies provide support for individuals and organisations who support community gardens. You may be eligible to apply for funding to help your local garden project.

Alternatively, you can find out more by contacting Council.

15 February 2016