Sustainable gardening

Use this section to find tips on creating a sustainable garden including advice on soil types, planting, pruning and mowing, garden design and greywater. Find out about Brisbane City Council's Free Native Plants program, as well as Council gardening events.

Gardening events and workshops

Find Council green events and workshops to inspire and help you grow a better garden.

Find what you need


Free Native Plants program

Council offers the Free Native Plants program to residents, schools, clubs, body corporates and registered community groups to plant within their grounds.


Types of soil

Find out about the four main soil types in Brisbane and the soil type in your suburb.


Compost and organic waste recycling

Find out methods for composting, mulching and reusing your kitchen waste to improve your garden.


Planting in your garden

Green gardening is about making easy, cost-effective and sustainable choices in your garden to save time, money and support our native wildlife.


Pruning and mowing

Pruning your garden can help promote new growth for plants, shrubs and trees. Mowing your lawn will discourage weeds and provide you with mulch from the clippings.

How to design your garden

Get tips about how to design a sustainable garden and assess your design against our checklist.

Using greywater in your garden

Using greywater on your garden is a great way to keep it green and healthy. Find tips for using greywater and greywater-tolerant plants and turf.