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Take action

Brisbane City Council's Green Heart Homes are committed to reducing energy and waste, making better travel choices, looking after our precious water supplies, and protecting Brisbane’s unique plants and animals. 




  • use environmentally friendly products in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • dispose of chemicals, paints and oils at your local refuse station
  • visit and explore your local creek and find out about Brisbane catchments and community groups
  • check out the Flood Awareness Maps to understand how water flows through the landscape around where you live and work


  • avoid creating waste - buy only what you need and think carefully about what you buy
  • reduce - buy items with less packaging and in bulk to reduce the amount of waste
  • reuse materials - think creatively to discover many ideas for reusing items (e.g. reuse glass jars to store food)
  • find out about recycling at home, work and school


  • learn how to travel more sustainably
  • cycle to work or school. Download Bikeway and shared pathway maps for your area
  • sign up to CityCycle
  • reduce your emissions and improve your health by swapping at least one car trip per week for an active travel journey
20 January 2017