Recycling bins for schools | Brisbane City Council

Recycling bins for schools

Schools that have a waste collection service with Council can apply for the Brisbane City Council school recycling service.

The school recycling service provides:

  • a free recycling collection service
  • the opportunity to recycle and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill

Schools will be offered a 240 litre or 340 litre wheelie bin for every waste collection service they are charged or receive a bulk bin equivalent in volume.

Bin sizes range from 240 litre wheelie bins to 4.5 metre bulk bins.

Apply for the recycling service

The school recycling service is voluntary and schools must contact the Waste Minimisation Education Officer to apply.

Extra recycling bins

Schools that have a waste management plan in place and have a waste collection service contract with Brisbane City Council can apply for extra recycling bins at no extra charge.

For more information email your details to the Waste Minimisation Education Officer.

08 February 2017