Towards Zero Waste Education Centre | Brisbane City Council

Towards Zero Waste Education Centre

""The Towards Zero Waste Education Centre is a Brisbane City Council education initiative based at the Rochedale landfill site. The Centre invites visitors from Brisbane schools and community groups wishing to learn about moving towards zero waste, waste minimisation practices, and landfill operations.

The centre aims to develop an awareness of waste as an issue for sustainability by highlighting the issues of current consumption and disposal practices. The space encourages visitors to evaluate the environmental consequences of their behaviour, while also encouraging the development of a sustainable future for Brisbane. Visitors are encouraged to 'rethink their rubbish' and begin their own journey Towards Zero Waste because, together, we can all make a difference.

Visits to the Towards Zero Waste Education Centre include a guided tour of the landfill and a free facilitated space where guests can experience the unique biodiversity of the area, including learning about the local flora, fauna and history of the site.


When visiting the facility you can learn about:

  • recycling organic waste
  • recycling household waste
  • waste and recycling collection services
  • Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) - what happens to your home and office recycling
  • landfill management and design
  • landfill gas capture
  • the waste hierarchy
  • working towards zero waste – waste as a resource not just a by-product
  • new approaches to waste management 


The centre is open to schools and community groups from Monday to Friday by appointment only. To book a visit or for more information, email the education team or phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

16 June 2017