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The Love Food Hate Waste meal and shopping planner can help save you time and money by helping with meal planning and organisation. Find out more.

Learn how a shoulder of lamb can be turned into four family meals - all starting with a Sunday roast.


Lots of us love bananas and hate seeing them go to waste. We love them so much in Brisbane that we’re buying more than we can eat as bananas are the most wasted food item in Brisbane!

Find out how to reduce waste and use up citrus peel scraps to to make an effective and pleasant smelling household cleaner.

Council is committed to keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, you can do your part by making an effort to tread a little lighter in the closet and incorporating second-hand treasures into your wardrobe.

Council planted more than 2800 trees at 12 community street tree planting events in the last financial year with the help of Brisbane residents. Find out how you can get involved.

Learn how to use up your leftover refrigerated rice with this rice saving fried rice recipe.

Aspley Special School hosts a very busy community composting hub and community garden as well as the Kingfisher Recycling Centre. This month we share a snapshot of the facilities and let you know how to get involved.

The Source Bulk Foods is collaborating and presenting Bea Johnson, the queen of zero waste, to Australia. This speaking event is part of a national tour and will help you learn more and get started on your own zero waste journey.

Rethinking the rubbish we generate when we choose to order takeaway food is a great way to reduce the waste associated with the food we consume.