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A delicious winter-warmer pasta recipe to help use up any leftover dips in your fridge.

With a bit of preparation, planning and storage, all Brisbane residents can tackle their food waste, save money, live green and feel more organised.

Rachel from Norman Park shares her experience on doing week two of the Six-week Food Waste Challenge where she was encouraged to make meals using ingredients she already had at home.

Volunteers are at the heart of the community composting hub program. Registered participants get involved by collecting their kitchen scraps and taking them to their local composting hub.

When you get your freezer organised, it can be a waste warrior’s best friend and as winter approaches, it is a perfect time to get your freezer sorted.

A cooked chicken has been the meal of choice for many busy families but unfortunately our recent waste survey reveals that chicken is one of the top 10 most wasted foods in Brisbane.


Keeping a food waste diary is a great way to identify where your food waste is coming from and why.


Find out clever tips to create your own breadcrumbs to use in meals, and try out our Cauliflower and cheese recipe!


Learn how to turn a piece of toast or a loaf of bread into one of many different meal creations and stop bread going to waste.


Get involved with International Compost Awareness Week by attending a free workshop in celebration of composting, worm farming and sustainable gardening.