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Coorparoo Creek Park project

Coorparoo Creek Park - Stage 1 is the first major project to be constructed as part of the long-term Norman Creek Catchment Master Plan and reinstates part of Coorparoo Creek to create a new open space within inner city Brisbane.

Coorparoo Creek Park introduces a new open space area in Coorparoo; reinstating the waterway downstream of Old Cleveland Road between Holdsworth Street and Lackey Avenue.

This project is in line with Council’s commitment to keeping our city clean and green to ensure Brisbane remains a liveable and sustainable city for our children, and their children to follow.


Address and Ward Coorparoo Creek Park (Coorparoo)
Latest news Completion of downstream works
Project outcome Create a new open space within inner-city Brisbane

Coorparoo Creek Park works

Brisbane City Council is pleased to advise that works to widen the creek in the Coorparoo Creek downstream corridor, as part of the Coorparoo Creek Park project are complete. 

About the project

The Coorparoo Creek Park project is the first project to be constructed as part of the long-term Norman Creek Catchment Master Plan, which aims to reinstate part of Coorparoo Creek and create a new open space within inner city Brisbane.

Preparation works for the new park were completed in 2015, and involved demolishing empty buildings in the park corridor, upgrading the Morley Street bridge and commencing widening of Coorparoo Creek between the Morley Street bridge and the railway line. During this work, asbestos materials were uncovered beneath the empty buildings. Due to this increase in scope, the site was closed and fenced while further investigations and design were undertaken.

The upstream section of the park between Barnes Avenue and Old Cleveland Road was completed in January 2017.

The upstream works to construct the new park involved:

  • lowering the ground level in the parkland and returning Coorparoo Creek to the surface
  • constructing a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians through the new park
  • installing park furniture such as tables and benches
  • landscaping the creek and park space.

Project benefits

Council undertook the downstream corridor works from late July 2017 to mid-September 2017 to consolidate the development of Coorparoo Creek Park.

The Coorparoo Creek downstream corridor works included:

  • widening Coorparoo Creek north of Morley Street and stabilising the creek bank
  • revegetating the creek bank and recolonising mangroves
  • removing contaminated soil to a licenced facility
  • landscaping the new section of park and installing park furniture.

The downstream corridor works will improve creek flow associated with the works already completed on Coorparoo Creek Park, as well as contributing to positive environmental outcomes for the area.

More information

To find out more about the Coorparoo Creek Park project:

  • phone the project team on 1800 669 416 during business hours
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 after hours
  • email the project team
  • write to the project team:
    Coorparoo Creek Park project downstream works
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001 
22 September 2017