Track maps

Brisbane City Council has many diverse tracks across Brisbane for you to discover and explore. Experience the broad range of vegetation, wetlands, woodlands, rainforests, and the many species of native plants and animals. Council also has created track maps for you to download and read which include details of popular tracks, special features of the area, things to do, safety tips and permitted tracks for mountain bike riding and horse riding. 

Mountain bike riding

Mountain bike riding is permitted on designated in ​Mt Coot-tha Forest, ​Toohey Forest Park, ​Boondall Wetlands and ​Bayside Parklands. Check the track maps in these bushland reserves to find out more.

Horse riding

Horse riding is permitted on designated trails in the following Council natural areas:

Track maps

Find out which reserves and bushlands have track maps to check where the different walks start and finish, the features of the trail, difficulty level and who they are suited to

""Bayside parklands

Bayside Parklands includes tidal wetlands, intertidal flats, mangroves, saltmarshes and seagrass areas.

""Boondall Wetlands

Boondall Wetlands supports vegetation communities including eucalyptus and melaleuca woodlands, remnant rainforests, ironbark  forests,  casuarina forests, grasslands, tidal mudflats, mangroves, swamplands, hypersaline flats and salt marshes.

""Brisbane Koala Bushlands

The Brisbane Koala Bushlands contain many different vegetation communities and habitat for many animals, including part of one of Australia’s most stable koala populations.

""Chermside Hills Reserves

Chermside was once known as Downfall Creek, named after the prominent creek running through this area. The reserves provide protection for more than 200 native plant species, representing 25% of the native plant families found in Australia.

""Karawatha Forest Park

Karawatha Forest contains over 320 native plant species and a variety of habitats from freshwater lagoons and sandstone ridges to dry eucalypt forests and wetlands.

""Mt Coot-tha Forest

Mt Coot-tha Forest has a diverse network of tracks and trails. There are 31 kilometres of multi-use trails which are shared by walkers, horse riders and cyclists, a further 18.5 kilometres of walking tracks specifically for pedestrians, and 23.5 kilometres of mountain bike trails.

""Tinchi Tamba Wetlands

Tinchi Tamba Wetlands fringes Pine Rivers and Bald Hills Creek. Freshwater and saltwater flooding shapes the wetlands.

""Toohey Forest Park and Mt Gravatt Outlook Reserve

Toohey Forest Park, which includes Mt Gravatt Outlook Reserve is approximately 260 hectares in size and is located 10 kilometres south of the city CBD.

""Whites Hill Reserve

Whites Hill is an important bushland remnant supporting a number of vegetation communities including open eucalypt forest and rainforest.

More information

For further information about what activities can be carried out in natural areas, contact Council. If you require a copy of a track map, you can request a publication online.