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Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre project

Brisbane City Council advises that community consultation for the new Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre is now complete.


Address Boondall
Ward Deagon
Project outcomes The project aims to contribute to the education of visitors to the wetland about its environmental significance.
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About the project

The new Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre aims to showcase the ecological significance and values of Brisbane’s northern wetlands and its connection with Moreton Bay. 

The new environment centre will be developed at the site of the existing Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre. This project is part of Council’s commitment to keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable for our children, and their children to follow.

The new centre will:

  • teach people about the area's environmental significance
  • highlight the ecological significance of the Boondall and surrounding wetlands
  • be a showpiece environment education centre for Brisbane's northside
  • establish a creative, learning and play space where visitors can explore, discover and be inspired by the area's diverse wildlife and landscapes.

Project details

Visitors to the new environment centre will be able to:

  • relax in a natural setting with family and friends
  • discover fascinating insights about the wetlands
  • learn about the wetlands in playful and interactive ways
  • be inspired to explore the wetland trails
  • come away with a special appreciation of the wetlands.

The existing access road and car park will be upgraded to improve safety and access to the centre. This will include a small increase in car parking spaces and the addition of a dedicated bus drop-off zone and turnaround area.

To ensure the least possible impact on vegetation, the new building will be located in the existing cleared area to the north of the existing building.

As bushfire is a risk in the area, a key focus of the project is to design the centre to ensure public safety and reduce the risk of damage from bushfire. To achieve this, the density of the vegetation surrounding the new building will need to be reduced with some clearing required. Council will ensure that this is minimised as much as possible.

Project timings

  • Site investigation and concept design - early to mid 2017 
  • Community feedback - mid 2017
  • Finalise design and procure contractors (now) - mid 2017 to late 2018
  • Construction expected to start - late 2018
  • Project complete - late 2019

Project update

In September 2017, Council released a draft concept plan via newsletter and sought feedback on the preliminary design of the new Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre.

The newsletter and community information sessions encouraged residents and businesses to provide feedback on a range of topics to help guide how the new centre is developed to ensure the new facility reflect the values of the community.

Community support for the new Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre was overwhelmingly positive, with a number of specific suggestions submitted which Council will endeavour to incorporate into the final design, including:

  • a water fountain for visitors to refill water bottles
  • mosquito-conscious building design
  • externally-accessible toilet facilities
  • temporary passenger set-down area with seating
  • flexible activity space
  • educational displays to explain the area's history, local ecosystem and seasonal changes.

Funding for the new centre includes delivery of a new building and internal education space, as well as an access road and car park. Upgrades and additions to the surrounding boardwalks and tracks will be considered as part of the planning for future funding allocations.

The new centre has been designed with environmental principles in mind, including a bushfire-safe design, minimised building footprint and vegetation impact and sustainable features.

The improvements are expected to address feedback from the community that the new centre showcase the ecological significance and values of Brisbane's Boondall Wetlands and help support keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. 

name="final">Download a copy of the final concept plan in your preferred format:

Council would like to thank the community for taking the time to provide their suggestions and feedback on the project. Council is committed to providing the local community informed and will provide further information as the project progresses.

More information

To find out more about the Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre project, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 669 416 (during business hours)
  • email the project team 
  • write to:
    Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre project
    City Projects Office
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
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11 January 2018