Plants, trees and gardens

Plants, trees and gardens are a valuable part of Brisbane City Council's vision for a clean and green Brisbane. Find information about Brisbane's trees, our Free Native Plants program and verge gardens. Learn how to create a sustainable garden and what plants grow well in Brisbane's subtropical climate.


Brisbane's trees

Learn about Brisbane's urban forest, Council's street trees and street tree lights. Find out about how you can get free native plants from Council.


Verge gardens

Council has developed guidelines to support residents establish verge gardens between property boundaries and the road kerb on residential zoned lands. Learn more about the guidelines, starting a footpath garden, who is responsible for maintenance of verge gardens and recommended plants.


Your plants

Council encourages residents and businesses to plant native plants. Learn tips for planting, find out about harmful plants and pesticides and how you can get free native plants for your garden.



Free Native Plants program

Council’s Free Native Plants program offers a range of plants to assist you to plant and green your property. The native species provided through the program help grow our city’s urban forest and support local wildlife.

Sustainable gardening

Find tips on creating a sustainable garden including advice on soil types, planting, pruning and mowing, garden design and greywater. Find out about Council's Free Native Plants program, as well as Council gardening events.

Vegetation and the local law

Find out about if your property has protected vegetation and what that means under Council's Natural Assets Local Law 2003.