Plants, trees and gardens

Plants, trees and gardens are a valued part of our vision for a Clean and Green Brisbane. Brisbane City Council can provide you with lots of information to help your garden grow. Find tips on how to design your garden, get free native plants, attend composting and worm farm workshops and much more.

""Free native plants

Council offers free plants to residential ratepayers, schools, community service groups, registered charities and clubs occupying Council land.

""Brisbane's trees

Brisbane's trees provide many benefits for everyone to enjoy. Council is responsible for almost half of Brisbane's tree canopy cover that grows in Council parks and along the footpaths. Find out Council's preferred street tree species and how you can request street trees for your street.

Your plants

Many plants can grow extremely well in Brisbane's subtropical climate. Learn techniques for planting; understand pest plants and how you can get free native plants from Council for your garden.

Sustainable gardening

Council encourages Brisbane residents to create a sustainable garden by conserving water, reducing waste going to landfill, decreasing chemical use and providing food and habitat for our wildlife. You can also attend a workshop or read about garden designs, soil types, fertilisers and using greywater.

""Protected vegetation

Find out how the Natural Assets Local Law 2003 affects you. Links to nominating vegetation for protection, permitted activities, how to make an application, penalties, and how to find out if you have protected vegetation on your property.


Identify weeds to control invasive species in your garden and view the Biosecurity Plan for the Brisbane Local Government Area.

""Verge gardens

Council has developed guidelines which support residents in establishing a verge garden between the property boundary and the road kerb on residential zoned lands. Learn more about the guidelines, starting a footpath garden, who is responsible for maintenance and recommended plants.