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Bushland Preservation Levy

""Brisbane residents and businesses contribute to protecting Brisbane's most significant natural assets through payment of the Bushland Preservation Levy in their rates account. The levy is used for Council's Bushland Acquisition Program, where the funds are used to protect and enhance Brisbane's natural environment. This helps Council to achieve the Brisbane Vision targets and aspirations to be a clean and green city.

Bushland Acquisition Program

Funds raised from the levy are used to buy land that supports significant ecosystems, plants and animals through the Bushland Acquisition Program.

This land is turned into conservation reserves. Most are accessible to the public ensuring that everyone enjoys Brisbane's unique natural environment.

Over 3000 hectares have been protected since the program started in 1990, including:

  • Karawatha Forest
  • Brisbane Koala Bushlands
  • Tinchi Tamba Wetlands

Brisbane is the most biologically diverse capital city in Australia, supporting thousands of plant and animal species. The Bushland Acquisition Program has secured land that:

  • supports rare and endangered ecosystems, plants and animals
  • contains unique habitats that are poorly represented within existing natural areas
  • provides linkages within ecological corridors
  • supports unique freshwater and wetland habitats
  • was under immediate threat from development

Find out more about visiting Council's natural areas. Council also has an Outdoor Recreation Management Strategy for Brisbane's Natural Areas 2011-2021 that outlines how visitors participating in outdoor recreation within natural areas can do so without impacting on the natural values of these sites.

Bushland Preservation Map

Select the relevant marker on the map to find where the Bushland Preservation Levy funds have been spent across Brisbane: 

View Brisbane bushland acquisition in a larger map.

06 January 2017