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What Council is doing

Brisbane City Council manages more than 2500 known freshwater mosquito breeding sites on public land. Council’s mosquito management staff inspect and treat these sites regularly using quad bikes, utility trucks and on foot.

The large saltmarsh mosquito breeding habitats in coastal areas are sprayed by helicopter with ground support by quad bike teams. In a typical season Council will treat approximately 20,000 hectares of coastal saltmarsh by helicopter. 

Council’s control activities are scientifically managed, targeting specific areas where and when breeding is known to occur. Our program follows industry best practice and uses products designed to kill mosquito larvae without harming other aquatic life. 

The mosquito control unit works all year round to control mosquitoes.

Public education

Council is providing public education and information by:

  • promoting awareness through media such as newspaper advertising and social media during peak mosquito season
  • responding to public complaints and enquiries.


Brisbane City Council supports and undertakes mosquito control research in partnership with other councils, universities, Queensland Health and research bodies such as the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

Council is also an active member of the Mosquito and Arbovirus Research Committee, which supports and funds research into mosquito management and mosquito-borne disease control.

29 August 2017