Brisbane Invasive Species Management Plan

""Whether you own a house with a garden in the inner city, suburban acreage or an industrial site, you are responsible for controlling invasive plants and animals on your land.

State declared invasive plants and animals are listed within the Biosecurity Act 2014 which commences on 1 July 2016. Other invasive plants and animals of concern to the Brisbane area may also be included in the Brisbane Invasive Species Management Plan 2013-17.

The Brisbane Invasive Species Management Plan 2013-17

On 5 February 2013, Brisbane City Council adopted the Brisbane Invasive Species Management Plan 2013-2017. The plan was developed with input from relevant stakeholders, invasive species experts and the general public.


The Invasive Species Management Plan helps to:

  • identify problems with invasive species management
  • develop options to overcome those problems
  • decide which strategies deal with these problems over the next four years
  • implement actions to combat the problems
  • review the actions for necessary changes.

Download the plan

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14 November 2016