Recycling and reducing waste

Find tips to reuse and recycle your goods to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill.

Waste reduction goals

We want to inspire Brisbane residents, businesses and industry to play a role in finding solution to reduce our city's waste.

Read more about our goal to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in Chapter 5 of  Brisbane. Clean,Green and Sustainable 2017-2031. This chapter outlines Council's waste minimisation goals, actions and achievements.

Find what you need


Brisbane bin and recycling app

Council's free Brisbane Bin and Recycling app helps you stay up to date with bin collection days and learn how to recycle more effectively.


Recycling guide for households

Brisbane’s Best Recycling Guide for Households is a pocket guide with detailed information about the benefits of recycling.


Recycling at home

Brisbane residents are improving recycling habits at home. Find out what you can and can't recycle.


Love Food Hate Waste

Brisbane City Council's Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to raise awareness about the need to reduce the volume of food waste going to Brisbane landfill each year. 

Towards Zero Waste Education Centre

The Towards Zero Waste Education Centre is a Council education initiative based at the Rochedale landfill site

Recycle quiz

Council is committed to making Brisbane an even cleaner, greener city. Rate your recycling efforts with our quick recycling quiz.

Reuse and upcycle

Council is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill in Brisbane by reusing and recovering valuable resources. 

Business recycling

Brisbane City Council can help your business recycle more and reduce waste with easy recycling so

Green waste recycling service

Green waste recycling bins are an easy and affordable way to dispose of lawn clippings, prunings and leaves.

Salvage Recycling Art Competition and Exhibition 2017

The Salvage Recycling Art Competition and Exhibition is back in 2017. The competition and exhibition explores the creative potential in reusing and recycling household items and furniture. 

Recreate Paper Fashion Show

Council celebrated National Recycling Week in style at the Recreate Twilight Market and Paper Fashion Show in King George Square on Friday 4 November 2016. 

Waste hierarchy

The waste hierarchy is a list of waste management strategies arranged in order of preference from most preferred to least preferred - avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle.