Recycling and reducing waste

Brisbane City Council is committed to making Brisbane an even cleaner, greener city. To do this, we need your help to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill by increasing recycling and recovering valuable resources.

Recycling is easier than you think and is good for the environment. Last year, Council recycled more than 91,400 tonnes from your recycling bins at home. These materials have been remade into all sorts of things, including packaging, parts of toys, bikes, cars and even trains. Although this is a great effort, we can still do better to recycle more and stop wasting valuable resources that end up in landfill.

""Recycling Art Competition 2017

Council's Recycling Art Competition is currently seeking expressions of interest to participate in this year's competition. Find out more about submitting your artist application today.

""Brisbane bin and recycling app

Not sure what can be put in your recycling bin? Use Council’s new quick and simple Brisbane bin and recycling app to learn more. Find out how you can download this app for free.

Recycling for businesses

Council offers a kerbside bin recycling service for businesses. Find out more and apply online.

""Recycling at home

The easiest place to start great recycling habits is in your home. Find out what you can recycle and how to recycle more, including paper and cardboard recycling tips.


Recycling at school

Council provides schools with practical support to help increase school recycling, including free waste minimisation education programs for kindergartens and school groups. We can also help to develop a school waste minimisation plan and offer free recycling collections.

Council's zero waste goal

Council is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and has a range of programs and goals to help achieve our Vision for a cleaner, greener city. Learn more about Council’s Towards Zero Waste Strategy and waste minimisation programs.
Green waste recycling service

Green waste recycling service

There has never been a better time to have a green waste recycling bin in preparation and clean up your garden while the weather is cooler. Find out how to order your bin now.

Reuse and recycle

Find tips to reuse and recycle your goods to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill.