Reusable Cup Campaign

At Brisbane City Council we are committed to supporting the community to adopt behaviours which help keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. Single-use takeaway cups can be avoided through simple behaviour changes. 

The Reusable Cup Campaign has the potential to keep 20,000 single-use cups out of landfill in a two-week period and kick-start more sustainable behaviour for many people.

While Council does accept takeaway cups in household recycling bins, we recognise that the waste created by takeaway coffee cups is a growing issue. Council's 2017 waste survey indicated that approximately 156 million single-use coffee cups are thrown away in Brisbane each year. As a community, we all need to work towards more sustainable behaviours to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Using reusable coffee cups is better way to help support a clean and green Brisbane and it's easy to get into the habit of taking your reusable cup to your local cafe for your coffee.

Our Reusable Cup Campaign cafes

Council is currently recruiting 100 Brisbane cafes participating in the Business Recycling Challenge giving away 20 high-quality reusable 'KeepCup' coffee cups for cafes to give to loyal customers who regularly buy coffee in single-use cups. These customers are also given a loyalty card to stamp each time they use their reusable cup, earning them a free coffee on their tenth visit.

If you want to be part of the Reusable Cup Campaign and the Business Recycling Challenge, we would love to hear from you. Email Council’s Business Recycling Officer for more information and to sign up. 

Responsible Cafes

Join the Responsible Cafe movement now! Brisbane cafés can team up with Responsible Cafes for tools and a platform to communicate that they are reducing their ecological and waste footprint, saving money to activate café culture and community pride in their community. For more information, visit Responsible Cafes.

16 April 2018