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Six-week food waste challenge

Take on the six-week food waste challenge with other Brisbane City Council residents and help reduce food waste.

Food waste is a big issue

All over the world, people are throwing away food. We're buying too much and cooking too much and lots of food is ending up in our bins.

Most of us know that we waste food, but very few of us realise exactly how much food we're throwing away. 

Food waste doesn't just have significant environmental impacts. It also has economic impacts.

Food waste and you

Brisbane residents throw away 78,000 tonnes of food each year. This equates to one in every five bags of groceries ending up in the bin. 

Our six-week food waste challenge aims to help you understand more about food waste in your household and how you can make simple, positive changes to reduce the amount of food you throw away.

Food waste defined

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of food waste:

  • avoidable food waste - food that was supposed to be eaten but wasn't (e.g. sandwich crusts, leftovers, food that's gone out of date)
  • unavoidable food waste - food that could not be eaten (e.g. used tea bags, vegetable peelings, meat bones).

The six-week food waste challenge focuses on reducing the amount of avoidable food waste your household throws away.

Get on board and reduce your waste

Make a difference and take on the challenge with Council and other residents to reduce food waste at home.

Each week, for six weeks, we will provide you with step-by-step information on how to reduce your food waste, looking at everything from shopping to cooking and eating. Join for one week or more, or participate in the full challenge. You can jump into the challenge at any stage. Every step you take towards reducing your food waste will benefit your wallet and our environment. According to the National Food Waste Strategy, your household could save between $2200-3800 per year by reducing household food waste.

When you get to the end of the six-week challenge, there will be a bonus week, where you can:

  • learn to reduce food waste to landfill by composting; or
  • save money by planting your own herb garden.

It's time to transform yourself from a food waster to a food warrior in just six weeks. The challenge starts now!

Our six-week food waste challenge weeks

Every week we will provide you with step-by-step information on how you can reduce food waste at home. You can start with week one or jump into the challenge at any point that interests you.

Week Challenge
1 Understanding food waste in your household
2 Buy nothing new
3 Planning ahead and shopping mindfully
4 Smart food storage
5 How to cook with care to make a difference
6 Learning to love your leftovers
7 Bonus week: start composting and growing your own herbs

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13 November 2018