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Recreate Fashion Show and Twilight Market 2018 designers

A collection of Brisbane designers are busy creating amazing couture for the Recreate Fashion Show and Twilight Market that will be held at King George Square on Friday 16 November 2018.

By bringing their individual styles to the runway, each designer offers a different insight into the creative potential in everyday materials like paper and plastic.

Meet the designers

The following local fashion designers are working hard on their paper runway designs to celebrate National Recycling Week.

""Moreno Marcos - Sofia Moreno-Marcos

Sofia Moreno-Marcos founded Moreno Marcos with a focus on creating sustainable luxurious and unique items. Her latest couture collection focuses on bold, artisanal craftsmanship and avant-garde designs. Sofia takes heavy influence from her Peruvian heritage, not just in her use of colour but by employing traditional dressmaking methods. Intricate embroidery is a main feature of Moreno Marcos, with many pieces carefully hand-made by skilled artisans in Cusco-Peru. This year, Sofia launched her first high-end and one of a kind handbag collection.

View the Moreno Marcos website.

""Lucy-Belle - Lucy-Belle Rayner

Dark and romantic, elegant and feminine are just some of the ways to describe Lucy-Belle Rayner’s designs. Lucy-Belle, which was founded by Lucy-Belle Rayner, is designed, patterned and made in Australia with emphasis on quality in both fabric and manufacture. Each collection focuses on natural fabrics sourced from around the world. Lucy-Belle costume jewellery is manufactured in Europe by master craftspeople that specialise in glass jewels, hand-pressed and shaped using traditional techniques.

View the Lucy-Belle website.

""Sharka Bosakova

Sharka Bosakova established her self-titled table, Sharka Bosakova, in 2011 focusing on creating garments and small objects of adornment in a fusion of diverse art forms. Sharka has been active in the fashion industry as a designer for more than 15 years, working on projects and productions including ballet, contemporary dance, new music, opera, play and film. Exploring the freedom of movement, comfort and elegance Sharka creates sophisticated relaxed luxury for contemporary women.

View the Sharka Bosakova website.

""Connor O'Grady

Connor Grady, is one of Australia's most promising young designers. Connor has already been awarded the Wool Awards Young Designer of the Year and Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards (AATFA) Queensland Young Designer of the Year (overall winner) and the AATFA Australian Young Designer of the Year – Casual Wear.

View Connor O'Grady's page. 

""Jonathan Pampling

Jonathan Pampling is returning to Recreate for his third year. He is a futurist and environmentalist with a 15-year fashion and tailoring background working with the art, music, fashion, hair and film industry, as well as costume design and concept styling.

View the Jonathan Pampling's page. 

""Cindy Vogels

Cindy Vogel’s has established herself as an Australian fashion designer, stylist and milliner with a difference. Venturing into creative collaborations the world over, she has presented her handcrafted millinery at London Fashion Week, and dressed some of Australian music’s best and emerging artists from a multitude of musical genres. Her brand Racy & Lucky was established as the quintessential music artist's 'go to' fashion label. Cindy’s growing body of work is showcased in film clips, red carpet images and at music festivals across the world. Preferring to work at the unique intersection of fashion and costume design with an emphasis on slow and ethical, handcrafted art, Cindy's involvement as a featured designer for Recreate BNE will certainly add that WOW factor.

View the Racy and Lucky and Cindy Vogels websites.

""Jaye Wolfe

Yesterday People takes its inspiration from the 60s and 70s focusing on one of a kind garments and small runs. The label is handmade in Brisbane using both vintage pre-loved fabrics and fabrics hand drawn by designer Jaye Wolfe. All garments made from new fabrics are made to order to limit wastage.

View the Yesterday People website.

""The New Garde

Since it’s inception in 2015, The New Garde has become known for championing new creative talent and breaking down the barriers of entry for fashion graduates and new emerging designers becoming the place for all designers to develop their creations and the destination of choice for a fashion forward audience. Collaboration and innovation is at the heart of The New Garde business model and philosophy with five designers collaborating to create a 2018 Recreate BNE runway garment. Designers Tyler Iwinski, Wynona Stranger, Lorelle Penkevicks, Helena Rose and Sallyanne Astill will work with paper, cardboard and plastic to make their design for Recreate 2018.

View The New Garde website.

""Robyn Woodrow

Robyn is a multi-disciplinary visual creator working as an artist, jeweller, homewares designer, milliner and dressmaker. Robyn believes that just because something is no longer fit for its original purpose, does not mean it has no value, with much of her work involving recycled paper. Robyn plans to work with Flight Centre posters to create her design for Recreate 2018.

View the Robyn Woodrow and Red Zebra Designs websites.


29 January 2019