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Bin items

Brisbane City Council has rubbish, green waste and recycling bins for waste disposal.

Rubbish bin (grey, dark green or red lid)

Do not put these waste items in your rubbish bin:

  • bricks, rocks, soil or concrete
  • large metal objects
  • building materials
  • liquids – paints, motor oil or solvents
  • toxic or corrosive substances
  • mercury lamps
  • asbestos.

You can dispose the following waste items in the rubbish bin:

  • loose needles and syringes (if placed in a rigid walled puncture resistant container and sealed)
  • one fluorescent tube (wrapped tightly in newspaper or in the original box, ensure you close the bin lid)
  • small quantities of household batteries.

Green waste recycling bin (lime green lid)

Green waste recycling bins are for garden waste only. You should not dispose large logs or food in this bin. See a full list of acceptable items.

Recycling bin (yellow lid)

Recycling bins are for items made from metal, plastic, paper, cardboard and glass. Plastic bags and fluorescent tubes should not be put in the recycling bin. You can download the free Brisbane Bin and Recycling app or find out how to improve your recycling habits at home.

Resource recovery centres

You can dispose or recycle the following items at one of Council's four resource recovery centres:

  • small quantities of household batteries (recycling area)
  • car batteries (recycling area) 
  • large items or extra waste.
26 October 2018