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Octopus’s garden

Bec Peart and Martin Pedder are the winners of this year's Brisbane City Council's Recycling Art Competition with their creation, 'Octopus's Garden'.

“This is Otto, the mechanical octopus that dreams of being ‘under the sea’. Unfortunately, he’s made of scrap metal so he cannot go in the water as he will rust and seize up! So he spends his days collecting shiny treasures and reading adventures about the sea.”

Their piece is 130 centimetre high and is made from four wrought iron chairs, a wooden TV cabinet, bike parts, cogs and a birdcage.

Recycling Art Competition

This competition explores the creative potential of recycling household items and furniture, and inspiring others to see the possibility in things that may have otherwise have been thrown away.

All about the artists

Art and recycling has always been a natural collaboration for Bec Peart and Martin Pedder. In recent years they have worked predominantly in found metal objects, as they are drawn to the ability to recreate and reuse the scraps of modern society. Bec and Martin’s style is likened to the 'Steampunk' aesthetic, where discards that are part of our past can become part of our vibrant future. After winning last year's Tip Shop Art Competition, Bec and Martin are thrilled to re-join the Recycling Art Competition and they hope it continues to grow and put Brisbane on the artistic map.

More information

You can also watch this video and see all the other finalists and their artwork on Brisbane City Council's YouTube Channel.

You can also read the text version.

12 October 2015