Recycling Art Competition 2015 | Brisbane City Council

Recycling Art Competition 2015

The winners for the 2015 Recycling Art Competition were announced on 26 March 2015 at Brisbane Square Library. Bec Peart and Martin Pedder were again voted as the winning entry with their creation, 'Octopus's Garden'. Second place was awarded to Robert Hains and his 'Tip Turkey' entry. The third place winner was Mika Nakamura-Mather with her 'City of Timber and Haiku'.

Find out more about the final artists, their artwork, their influences and what they made in the 2014 Recycling Art Competition.

""Bec Peart and Martin Pedder

Bec and Martin are the winners of the 2015 competition. Their artwork is the 'Octopus's Garden' and is made from four wrought iron chairs, a wooden TV cabinet, bike parts, cogs and a birdcage. 

Robert Hains

Robert won second place in the 2015 competition. His artwork is the 'Tip turkey' and is made from from a single bed base and springs, a bar stool, cutlery, a light fitting, a box of old tools and a tree lopper.

""Mika Nakamura-Mather

Mika won third place in the 2015 competition. Her artwork is the 'City of Timber and Haiku' and is made from reclaimed and recycled timber from old Queenslander houses and other buildings.

""Terry Bouton

Terrys' artwork is the 'Nine Lives' and is made from tonka trucks, second-hand bags, books, belts, a necklace, a wheel and more.

Giuseppe Filardo

Guiseppe's artwork is 'Pinocchio's Nightmare' and is made from a leather couch, chairs, golf clubs, door handles, an exercise machine, rulers, springs, hinges and more.

""Stephanie Morris

Stephanie's artwork is the 'Cats on the couch' and is made from a recycled cane couch, toys, blankets, cushions, doona and covers, buttons and other haberdashery.

""Tiana Pebre

Tiana's artwork is 'Cyclops' and is made from a cymbal stand, bicycle wheel and fishing rod..

""Will Davy

Will's artwork is the 'Recycler Droid' and is made from discarded motorcycle parts and other mechanical pieces, a vacuum cleaner and a gym machine.

""Tony Rice

Tony's artwork is the 'Lotus' and is made from coat hangers, lamp base, plastic bottles, plastic umbrellas and plastic sandals.

Cathie Fletcher

Cathie's artwork is the 'Mission Control Centre' and is made from kitchen utensils, a tribal mask, drawer knobs, picture frames, bicycle mudguards eggbeaters, and more.

Hiroshi Uchida and Louise Lindgren

Hiroshi and Louise's artwork is 'Endless Sunlight, Dappling Shadows' and is made from venetian blinds and painted, printed canvas.

""Katherine Grocott

Katherine's artwork is 'New Communication' and is made from vinyl records, an encyclopaedia, a CD holder and a serving platter.

Anika Lister

Anika's artwork is called 'Here we grow again' and is made from recycled rope, wire, string and Christmas decorations.
07 November 2018