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Cats on the couch

Stephanie Morris is one of the finalists in Brisbane City Council's Recycling Art Competition and has created 'Cats on the couch'.

“Cats on the Couch evolved as a fresh and playful project from an early tip shop find of gingham fabrics and doona sets evocative of childhood. These worked well together colour-wise to create patchwork upholstery for a pre-loved sofa and for the pouffe I made from scratch. With more fabric and hobby finds along the Garage Sale Trail, I felt challenged to use recyclables to continue the theme of play in as many crafty ways as possible.”

This piece is 175 centimetres long and is made from a recycled cane couch, toys, blankets, cushions, doona and covers, buttons and other haberdashery.

Recycling Art Competition

This competition explores the creative potential of recycling household items and furniture, and inspiring others to see the possibility in things that may have otherwise have been thrown away. The artworks have been created with items from Council's tip shops and other second-hand sales.

All about the artist

Stephanie has worked in a range of media and skill-sets including portraiture, pastels, oils, illustration, graphic design, sculpture and textiles. More recently, she has explored creative expression through handcraft including sewing, applique, papercraft, crochet and fabric collage, and has become committed to sourcing and using recyclables where possible. Stephanie’s work is often highly detailed, featuring pattern, texture and colour, and involves playing with shape to create new or reworked surfaces.

More information

You can also watch this video and see all the other finalists and their artwork on Brisbane City Council's YouTube Channel. Alternatively, you can watch these videos in an accessible player on Vimeo.

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27 March 2015