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Endless Sunlight, Dappling Shadows

Hiroshi Uchida and Louise Lindgren are one of the finalists in Brisbane City Council's Recycling Art Competition and have created 'Endless Sunlight, Dappling Shadows'.

“This piece includes three spheres that represent Brisbane’s past. Each sphere features a connecting theme: places, people and buildings/structures. Our intention was to create interlacing spheres that resemble nature’s beauty and reveal subtle movements of the cycles in history.”

This piece is 150-160 centimetres high and is made from venetian blinds and painted, printed canvas.

Recycling Art Competition

This competition explores the creative potential of recycling household items and furniture, and inspiring others to see the possibility in things that may have otherwise have been thrown away. The artworks have been created with items from Council's tip shops and other second-hand sales.

All about the artist

Hiroshi and Louise are a team of two, collaborating to create an artwork for this competition with the hope of creating an art piece of beauty and meaning. Hiroshi has an industrial background and prefers to work with wood, paper and recycled materials. Louise has a graphic design background and works with organic materials such as paper, found items and paints. The duo has previously collaborated in a paper installation sculpture for the 2014 Brisbane URBNE Festival.

More information

You can also watch this video and see all the other finalists and their artwork on Brisbane City Council's YouTube Channel. Alternatively, you can watch these videos in an accessible player on Vimeo.

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27 March 2015