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Mission Control Centre

Cathie Fletcher is one of the finalists in Brisbane City Council's Recycling Art Competition and has created a 'Mission Control Centre'.

“My piece is a functioning machine: the viewer puts a golf ball in the top, which rolls through and spits out a ‘mission’ at the bottom for them to perform, such as serenade someone with a song or leave $2 at the school bus stop.”

This piece is 182 centimetres high and is made from golf balls and clubs, kitchen utensils, a tribal mask, precision bearings, drawer knobs, picture frames, bicycle mudguards, a flour sifter, a rolling pin, curtain rod holders, bangles, a second-hand switch, eggbeaters, a saucepan lid and more.

Recycling Art Competition

This competition explores the creative potential of recycling household items and furniture, and inspiring others to see the possibility in things that may have otherwise have been thrown away. The artworks have been created with items from Council's tip shops and other second-hand sales.

All about the artist

Cathie’s art comes from a little analogue corner of the universe, where the handmade contours are never straight, and the laws of physics are so bendy that magic might still be alive. It's an animistic world, where trees can see, where cars and clouds listen when you talk to them and clothes like to remember who wore them. Cathie is intrigued by the Japanese idea of Wabi Sabi, the art of seeing beauty in imperfection; being faulty is human and lovable. She believes art is sharing our insides, faults and all, and trusting others to hear us.

More information

You can also watch this video and see all the other finalists and their artwork on Brisbane City Council's YouTube Channel. Alternatively, you can watch these videos in an accessible player on Vimeo.

You can also read the text version.

27 March 2015